im a boy

Carolines World | Carolina Krews   13 sep 2012 13:07   by Carolina Krews
Boy London top from Long Clothing
Bronzallure ring & watch
Zara clutch

Yesterday, after a nice dinner we took some great pics. I had this cool Boy London shirt on and my new studded clutch. I know, i said no more studs but i just can't help myself. They are SO last season but still everywhere and it's hard to pick something without them.

ohh, happy me

Carolines World | Carolina Krews   13 sep 2012 12:11   by Carolina Krews
Bronzallure ring & watch

This white watch is a new found LOVE and i'm sure it will be my "everyday" accessory from now on. You gotta love it! I was choosing between white and black colour. Luckily, i made the right decision. I think it's a little more chic and eye catching, am I right?

Bonnie n'Clyde

Carolines World | Carolina Krews   29 aug 2012 12:03   by Carolina Krews
Gang top Misbhv
White top Misbhv
Shorts Goodnight M.
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