Carolines World | Dirtyglam   8 feb 2013 15:17   by Dirtyglam
Oh God. Jacket love at first sight.....


Carolines World | Dirtyglam   8 feb 2013 11:20   by Dirtyglam

This cover will be this Friday's music tips. I'm obsessed with it haha. I've honestly never liked Taylor Swift or her voice but I absolutely love this cover by Brooke Jazz Lawrence. Her voice is just incredible here. As a big plus, Brooke is also one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. How do I know her? Oliver is her guitarist and I have the honor to see them live all the time! Enjoy.


Carolines World | Dirtyglam   7 feb 2013 14:23   by Dirtyglam
Jag tror både ni och jag vet att det här är något jag tycker J Brand gjorde bra. Kunde mer än gärna glida runt så här nästa höst. Enfärgat i svart och vitt. Lackat. Material mix. Bylsigt och översizat, skinnbrallor, klackar, mittbena och så får jag ju inte glömma och nämna alla dösnygga modeller. Me likey.

I think you already know me so well that you know that this J Brand fall 2013 collection is a collection I more than like. I would not mind walking around like this next fall. Simple but oh so nice, just the way I like it.
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