Carolines World | Dirtyglam   10 okt 2012 00:08   by Dirtyglam
Manish Bansal - SS13 collection, "Suits"

Manish Bansal is a talented graduate from London College of Fashion. His latest SS13 limited edition collection "Suits" really shows us how talented he is in creating unique, funky and modern garments.

His inspiration for his collection was the word "gamble" and what the word gamble means to him. "Gambling with life, gambling with the future and gambling with opportunities". The word gamble is reflected on the garments with prints of card suits.

He creates a luxurious feeling through his choice of materials of silk and linen. The fine materials gives life and elegance to the garments.

I promise that we will hear a lot of Manish Bansal in the future.

If you want to read more about Bansal visit:

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