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I think it's pretty obvious that I live with a musician? haha. It's always been quite easy for me to find gifts for my boyfriend... Thank God. But for all of you out there who's struggling with finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend - here you go! 6 gifts for your boyfriend (everything from Urban Outfitters) My best advice for all you girlfriend out there is: Don't think too much, if you think he likes it he's probably gonna LOVE it!

1. Urban Outfitters headphones - one of the best looking and best I've ever tried in my life! You can chose from a lot of different colors and patterns. These black ones; £50.

2. I think all guys should wear watches - I think it's incredibly sexy if a guy has a nice watch around the wrist.
Casio Retro Watch £50/each - a favorite when it comes to watches!

3. Lomography Fisheye2 Map Voyager Camera (even though my boyfriend doesn't take a lot of pictures I know he would love this! I think everyone loves taking fish eye pictures! (including me) - £80

4. Vinyl Records - Great decorations for your apartment. (A great tip for all of us who's not allowed to hang anything on the walls....) Price: £10 - £30

5. What I love about Urban Outfitter's book selection is that there's book for everyone and for every age! Fashion, music, art, cocktails & drinks, weird books, funny books... you name it! And don't be afraid to be the "boring book giver" books from UO are never boring! -
Books I chose: Cocktail Swatchbook £11.99 (my boyfriend already owns one) and 1001 albums - £20

6. Okay... maybe a little bit too heavily priced for my wallet but a great x-mas tip for all girls out there who wants to spoil their boyfriends away this Christmas... I know my boyfriend would LOVE it. (me too haha) Black boombox speakers - £200

(btw. Do you want to have more of these x-mas collages?)
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