Carolines World | Dirtyglam   6 feb 2013 13:35   by Dirtyglam
Jag har fallit in i en 'vad-fan-skall-jag-göra-med-mitt-hår' period. Jag vill både färga och kapa av. Och just denna frippa (men i en isig vit/silver ton) skulle inte vara så tokig va? Vad tycks?

I highly doubt that I was the only one who wanted the 'Rachel Green' haircut during late 90's? I still remember how I tore out picture after picture from magazines of Jennifer Aniston just to show my hairdresser what I wanted my hair to look like. (or actually, what I wanted to look like) and I can still remember how dissapointed I was after each visit to the hairdressers... Now 10 years later, this will be the picture I'll show my hairdresser. Hopefully a bit easier to transform my hair into than the 'Rachel Green cut'. haha.
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