Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   1 jul 2015 12:00   by Johanna Falkenby

Paris day 2.
Tour de Eiffel.
Canal Saint Martin.


Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   26 jun 2015 12:00   by Johanna Falkenby

First day in Paris I met up with my sister in law for lunch next to her work in 10th arr. She took care of my luggage and my camera and I took the metro to Gallerie Lafayette and walked down towards Jardin des Tuileries. I walked through the whole park and after the louvre I walked on towards Marais by Seine. Spent a lot of time walking around in Marais and then I had a big glass of wine and an americano at a typical Parisian brasserie, just watching french people pass by. Probably what I've always dreamt of doing. Finally. Then I bought flowers and strawberries and met up with Pauline again to take the train to Brunoy.


Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   23 jun 2015 21:00   by Johanna Falkenby

Spent for days in Paris last week. It was actually my first time there.. Stay tuned for more pics!

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