Lucid Dreaming

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   26 feb 2015 22:00   by Johanna Falkenby
Say Lou Lou's debut album "Lucid Dreaming" was released the other day and has been on repeat in my speakers ever since. I love their music and I've been waiting for two years for this to finally happen. FINALLY.

Celanese - McGraw Hill - Exxon

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   26 feb 2015 12:00   by Johanna Falkenby

The "XYZ Buildings" or Celanese Building, McGraw Hill Building and Exxon Building on a beautiful day in the city when the sky was as blue and clear as in the colored photo above. It was a pleasure walking around in New York with my camera snapping photos of all the cool and different buildings on Manhattan.


Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   25 feb 2015 16:00   by Johanna Falkenby
I'm in love with this Louis Vuitton dress Anna Selezneva is wearing in MIXT(E) Magazine Spring/Summer 2015.
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