Saturday in Williamsburg

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   26 okt 2014 13:47   by Johanna Falkenby

Had the most awesome Saturday in Williamsburg yesterday with Amanda. First we went for breakfast at The Smile (Manhattan), then we took the subway to Brooklyn Bridge and walked over to Brooklyn. We went to Williamsburg where we spend the rest of our day. We bought apples at a market, walked on Bedford Ave, watched a baseboll game in a park, took a look at Manhattan on the other side of the water, had the best coffee ever, ate pain au chocolates and then awesome sushi. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a super sunny saturday in New York.

Breakfast at Delicatessen

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   26 okt 2014 03:43   by Johanna Falkenby

Amanda and I went to eat breakfast at Delicatessen, on Prince and Lafayette, the other day! It was nice but I had bigger expectations... Got the smallest yoghurt and a few fresh berries. Still good though.

East Beach, VA

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   23 okt 2014 02:37   by Johanna Falkenby

Denna helgen åkte jag ner till min bror, Annie och Dagmar i Virginia igen. Beatrice, som är au pair på Long Island följde med. Vi var i East Beach igen, området som ser ut som Visteria Lane, där de ska flytta in om två veckor. Så himla fint och det var sååå varmt. Vi åkte till Taste och åt gödiga mackor till lunch. Till middag åt vi mexikanskt.

This weekend Beatrice and I went to my brother, Annie and Dagmar in Virginia again. We walked around in East Beach, where they are moving in two weeks. We eat great baguettes and then mexican.
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