Grand St

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   11 okt 2014 18:45   by Johanna Falkenby

This the what I see on the three minutes walk I have every morning to get to my work. Not that bad right? It's on Grand St (where I stay) in the crossing of Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy! I always buy a coffee every morning, and I try to go to different coffee shops. I will post about them later. Now I have to showeeer, byeee.

Virginia Beach

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   9 okt 2014 01:49   by Johanna Falkenby

Supernice day in Virginia Beach! So pretty over there. We ate breakfast at Taste and then we walked on the boardwalk by the ocean and catches uuuup. Can't wait to go back in 10 days!!!!

East Beach

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   7 okt 2014 03:37   by Johanna Falkenby

From our day in East Beach, VA.

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