East Beach

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   7 okt 2014 03:37   by Johanna Falkenby

From our day in East Beach, VA.

Chelsea Bakehouse

Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   6 okt 2014 15:48   by Johanna Falkenby

I'm in Virginia!!! My brother Victor, his girlfriend Annie and their Dagmar moved from Sweden to Norfolk in Virginia a week ago! And since they are my best friends I haaad to come visit as soon as possible. So I went on friday night and will be back in New York on Tuesday. It is amazing here. We went to an amazing pizza shop called Chelsea Bakehouse and I had the best pizza ever. Stay tuned for more posts from Virginia ;-)


Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   3 okt 2014 01:36   by Johanna Falkenby

Two pictures from a very nice roadtrip on the Swedish west coast before I left for New York..
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