Carolines World | Johanna Falkenby   28 sep 2012 23:54   by Johanna Falkenby
Soo my test went well today and after school I met up with Annie as I mentioned earlier. The Cos store was beautiful. They told me I wasn't aloud to take any pictures so unfortunately I can't show you what it looked like but it was so big and open. I tried so many coats but no one was good enough so and didn't buy anything.

Now I've just watched a movie and ate some food. But I'm soo tired so I'll go to bed soon. Tomorrow I'll take some hours with my computer to catch up what the blogs I'm following has posted the last days and I'll read some of the last September magazines I have left. Gotta finish them before Octorber starts. To go: ELLE Sweden, Vanity fair, and Vouge Paris.

Now I have to walk my dog. So boring. I want to sleep. Check out my dogs instagram!! @TheGoldenFelix :)
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