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Stockholm Streetstyle

Photo by Stockholm Streetstyle from Stockholm Fashion Week in Augusti. Uniqlo sweater, Acne Studios jeans, Zara jacket, Ann Demeulemeester boots and Balenciaga bag.


Two new campaigns I like a lot!
söndag 13 jul 2014 kl 00:48 | Other | campaign cool balenciaga

the best shirt

Wearing my favorite Acne shirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Prada sunnies, H&M Trend vest and leather shorts and Balenciaga bag.
söndag 15 jun 2014 kl 01:15 | Me | me ann demeulemeester balenciaga acne prada hm


Träffade fina Caroline och Daniel utanför Berns och Daniel tog kort på mig för Stockholm Streetstyle! Met the lovely Daniel and Caroline in Stockholm and Daniel snapped this photo of me for Stockholm Streetstyle! Monki leather dress, Balenciaga bag, H&M jacket, Dr Martens...
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Leather & FLuff

Wore my new jacket from H&M and new leather dress from Monki today!
tisdag 28 jan 2014 kl 23:24 | New in | me monki new in H&M balenciaga dr martens


lördag 18 jan 2014 kl 08:20 | Me | me zara h&m cheap monday topshop balenciaga prada


One more throwback! From July in London!!!! Ran around in London, 190 cm tall in 32 degrees. It was soo haaaawt.
tisdag 10 dec 2013 kl 10:01 | Me | me london summer throw back black balenciaga

Oxford circus

Last week in London. BLK DNM jacket & Balenciaga bag.
söndag 8 dec 2013 kl 16:35 | Me | me balenciaga oxfor circus london blk dnm


New black Gina shirt!
lördag 16 nov 2013 kl 10:12 | Me | Me all black everything balenciaga

november 12

BLK DNM jeans 22, BLK DNM leather jacket 8, Zara leather track boots, H&M leo denim shirt, Balenciaga City bag.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 22:29 | Me | blk dnm zara balenciaga H&M


BLK DNM jeans 22, Caroline Blomst leather jacket, Acne shirt, Zara leather track boots and Balenciaga bag.
måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 14:33 | Me | Caroline Blomst blk dnm balenciaga acne zara

shirt on shirt

Felt like wearing a shirt and a shirt yesterday. White Acne shirt, denim BikBok shirt, Zara jacket, Gina tricot trousers, Zara leather track boots and Balenciaga.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 22:56 | Me | me shirt jacket balenciaga boots

wednesday in sthlm

Haha it looks like my balenciaga is minimini in the second picture! This is when Jennifer and I met up with Julia on her lunch for a coffee. Really miss being in Stockholm with them! They are theeeee kindest ever! Wearing H&M trousers, Nike Air sneakers, H&M turtleneck and vest, BLK DNM jacket and
måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 17:15 | Other | me blk dnm H&M stockholm norrmalmstorg nike air balenciaga

Friday 27

I love leatherrr. Looked like this today when I went on H&M breakfast and then to school. Ix27m realizing I look like a bitch in the second photo but I am really not...... Btw, isnx27t the jacket sooooooooooooo beautiful?!?! BLK DNM leather jacker, H&M dress, H&M Man shirt, Dr Martens shoes, Balenc
fredag 27 sep 2013 kl 15:53 | Me | me blk dnm H&M balenciaga dr martens

tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 13:44 | Me | Me Zara balenciaga hm vans

september 20

Went for shopping yesterday. Nothing was nice though, unfortunately. But I did find a pair of trousers Ix27ll show you later! Having huge problems with trousers because they are always too short for my legs :( In Zara sweater, H&M dress, Vans, Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag!
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 12:39 | Me | me outfit zara vans balenciaga black white

Hello from school

This was taken outside my school some minuates ago. Being very comfortable in Topshop sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Vans and braids.... Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag as well.
måndag 9 sep 2013 kl 14:00 | Me | Me school Balenciaga Topshop vans

Black in London

I miss walkning around London in these clothes ;(((( pictures from March I think!
torsdag 5 sep 2013 kl 10:24 | Me | me london all black everything balenciaga

stockholm streetstyle

Daniel took some photos of me in Stockholm which appeared here! Wearing: Caroline Blomst leather jacker, H&M Trend dress, Dr Martens shoes and Balenciaga bag.
tisdag 20 aug 2013 kl 16:43 | Me | me streetstyle street style outfit caroline blomst balenciaga

That dress

haha the last pictuuuuree.... eh What I looked like at my brotherx27s graduation day! New valentino-ish dress from H&M Trend.
fredag 19 jul 2013 kl 00:35 | Me | me balenciaga london buffalos happy


I wore Vans, cap from Hattbaren, Topshop top, H&M Trend leather shorts and Balenciaga bag
onsdag 17 jul 2013 kl 10:35 | Me | me mössa balenciaga vans black white london

New in

My camera is still broken. Sorry. New in: H&M Trend vest New in: H&M Trend scuba skirt New in: Topshop crop top
torsdag 13 jun 2013 kl 04:38 | New in | me new in details balenciaga

El Poder de la Sensualidad

Anja Rubik for S Moda. Love her, her hair and those leeeegs OH MY.
onsdag 1 maj 2013 kl 16:18 | Fashion News | anja rubik balenciaga hair rings


lördag 27 apr 2013 kl 15:05 | Me | me da matteo balenciaga mössan

26 april

Yesterday I strolled around meeting a lots of friend which was very needed since Ix27ve had a very tough week. Hat from Hattbaren, Zara jacket, Vans shoes, Balenciaga bag, Whyred sweater, Cheap Monday jeans.
lördag 27 apr 2013 kl 11:02 | Me | me mössan balenciaga vans


Favorit i repris! Bild från i höstas utanför Balenciaga då jag just hade pungat ut en förmögenhet på den lille ballen i London. Nu sitter jag på ett plan dit igen!
fredag 15 mar 2013 kl 15:07 | Me | me balenciaga london buffalos black happy

Breakfast at H&M

On friday morning Annie and I went to H&M for the breakfast-event. I looooooooooove the breakfasts at H&M. I did not buy any thin x22bigx22, only some socks and earrings! Wearing: Zara fake fur, H&M pants, Ginatricot snood, Balenciaga bag, Vans
lördag 2 mar 2013 kl 20:01 | Friends | me vans H&M breakfast coffee balenciaga comme des fuckdown


H&M coat, Acne shirt, H&M jeans, Balenciaga bag, Converse
onsdag 27 feb 2013 kl 15:41 | Me | me outfit balenciaga green coat acne


Walking around in the sneakers since my feet are so sooooooooooore. I walk so skewed haha.
tisdag 26 feb 2013 kl 17:09 | Me | me outfit bomber sneakers balenciaga ray ban


Zara sweater, Balenciaga bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Cheap Monday jeans, Roobinx27s shoes After this photo I couldnx27t feel my fingers............................. ;(
måndag 21 jan 2013 kl 12:41 | Me | me outfit balenciaga ray ban ray ban mirror mirror zara
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