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Virginia Beach

Supernice day in Virginia Beach! So pretty over there. We ate breakfast at Taste and then we walked on the boardwalk by the ocean and catches uuuup. Canx27t wait to go back in 10 days!!!!
torsdag 9 okt 2014 kl 01:49 | Other | virginia virginia beach usa america

East Beach

From our day in East Beach, VA.
tisdag 7 okt 2014 kl 03:37 | Other | america usa beach nice


On my third day in Stockholm we went to the skärgård to Stavsnäs because the weather was very nice. Later on when we were going to have dinner we bought pizza and brought some wine to a park with a nice view over Stockholm! Perfect day!
fredag 12 jul 2013 kl 00:43 | Other | me madde stockholm beach summer

cool waters

Top from beyond retro, bikini top from Evanette and bikini panties from H&M
onsdag 3 jul 2013 kl 19:50 | Me | me spain beach alz bikini


More from India! I love the landscapes and my silver nails ofc!
måndag 18 feb 2013 kl 19:13 | Me | me goa india coconut beach


A year ago in Goa, India. I went there with my family for 20 days and we went to Bombay as well. A very instructive trip! Go to India bitches!!
måndag 18 feb 2013 kl 15:05 | Me | me india goa beach long hair


On a beach in Villeneuve-Loubet in August. Thought this was more fun to share than me covered in black in front of a snow mountain..
fredag 28 dec 2012 kl 23:18 | Me | me beach villeneuve-loubet summer ray ban bikini


On a beach in Juan Les Pins in July.. (Photoshop helped me hide myself) GOD TAKE ME BACK I CANx27T STAND THE SNOW
torsdag 27 dec 2012 kl 16:12 | Me | me beach strawberries france summer


While in Goa, India, last february.... Miss it.
söndag 11 nov 2012 kl 20:08 | Me | india me beach black white

Franska Grand Canyon

Idag åkte vi upp i bergen till det franska Grand Canyon som var sjuuukt coolt. Vi badade och hyrde trampbåt i en sjö med det blåaste vattnet jag någonsin sett och åkte sedan vidare i bergen från utsiktsplats till utsiktsplats. Väldigt fett. Tröja Beyond Retro, shorts Levis (brors gamla), halsband H
torsdag 2 aug 2012 kl 23:52 | Me | grand canyon me mickey mouse happy beach


Här är från idag då vi åkte till Saint-Aygulf som ligger bredvid trrrroppan typ. Solen stekte på som satan och trots faktor 20 så har jag typ aldrig bränt mig så mycket. Min hud luktar typ stekt fisk. Klänning Zara, hatt Åhléns
söndag 29 jul 2012 kl 21:27 | Me | Me beach ocean dress hat

By the beach

Linne Ginatricot, shorts H&M, keps Supreme, solglasögon Ray Ban.
söndag 29 jul 2012 kl 14:42 | Me | Me beach supreme cap happy
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