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Leather & FLuff

Wore my new jacket from H&M and new leather dress from Monki today!
tisdag 28 jan 2014 kl 23:24 | New in | me monki new in H&M balenciaga dr martens

november 18th

I love this short sleeved shirt from H&M Man in leo denim 8-)
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 18:13 | Me | me leo denim black dr martens outfit

Friday 27

I love leatherrr. Looked like this today when I went on H&M breakfast and then to school. Ix27m realizing I look like a bitch in the second photo but I am really not...... Btw, isnx27t the jacket sooooooooooooo beautiful?!?! BLK DNM leather jacker, H&M dress, H&M Man shirt, Dr Martens shoes, Balenc
fredag 27 sep 2013 kl 15:53 | Me | me blk dnm H&M balenciaga dr martens


Acne shirt, Topshop skirt, Dr Martens shoes
söndag 25 aug 2013 kl 18:53 | Friends | me acne topshop dr martens friends da matteo


This was me today. I went to town with Annie, looking for christmas presents but unfortunately I did not find ANY. Well Ix27ve got three weeks to go. Yaay. Dem new leather trousers from Mango, Dr Martens Grace shoes, Zara scarf, brothers/Annies jacket and Balenciaga bag.
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 22:56 | Me | me outfit gothenburg black balenciaga dr martens


New green jeans from H&M Trend. So in to that color nooow!! Zara jacket, Åhléns hat, H&M Trend top, Balenciaga bag, Dr martens shoes.
tisdag 6 nov 2012 kl 10:51 | Me | me outfit hat green balenciaga dr martens


Yesterday my brother helped me get Photo shop so I really hope my pictures will be better. This was my first try haha.. *exploring every little tool* ..more to come!
måndag 5 nov 2012 kl 20:28 | Me | me outfit black green hat dr martens balenciaga


H&M (Trend) leather jacket, t-shirt, necklace and leo jeans, Dr Martens shoes, H&M (Man Divided) hoodie GOTTA LOVE H&M <3
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 13:06 | Me | me outfit burgundy leo leather jacket dr martens


torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 21:56 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens


I found out that Caroline was selling this faux fur jacket on her bloppis a while ago and I had to buy it since she looked so good in it but I have to admit I donx27t like it at all on me. Itx27s too fluffy and white haha.
torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 08:34 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens


Little moi and the magazines I bought today. I like the background!
söndag 7 okt 2012 kl 01:04 | Me | beanie me outfit magazines bomber jacket dr martens


One teaspoon leather jacket, Zara bag, Dr Martens shoes, American apparel body, Cheap Monday jeans NÄMEN här stå jag och ser emo ut. För en månad sen. Igår hade jag bästa dagen, vaknade och åt bästa frukosten med Matilda, sen tog jag en promenad och sen läste jag lite tidning, sen satt jag på biblioteket i en timma och sen gick jag till stan där jag mötte upp Victor och Annie och köpte lite grejjer. Efter det åkte vi hem till min mormor och morf...
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måndag 1 okt 2012 kl 19:29 | Me | me leopars all black body cheap monday dr martens


Cheap Monday jeans, Truly Madly Deeply top (Urban Outfitters), Zara jacket, necklace de la India
lördag 29 sep 2012 kl 11:51 | Me | me black outfit dr martens panther


Big black thing from Monki and Dr Martens shoes So today Ix27ll be in school from 8 am to 4.30 pm which is siiiiiiiick... So 5 ö clock Ix27m meeting up with Annie to check out the COS store thatx27ll open today in Gothenburg! So excited! Ix27m gonna look for a coat, big pants and a big sweater. May
fredag 28 sep 2012 kl 07:26 | Me | me outfit black dr martens


torsdag 27 sep 2012 kl 23:08 | Me | me black outfit dr martens


Ibland blire i ett provrum.. H&M coat, H&M (Trend) leopard jeans, Dr Martens shoes, Weekday black shirt
tisdag 25 sep 2012 kl 08:47 | Me | me outfit coat leopard jeans dr martens


Dr Martens shoes, Cheap Monday jeans, Zara t-shirt, H&M (Trend) cardigan, H&M necklace I löööööve this necklace too much.
tisdag 4 sep 2012 kl 17:30 | Me | me outfit silver cardigan dr martens


Japp så att här står jag verkligen fram för IKEA. H&M (Trend) leather jacket, Zara t-shirt, Ginatricot pants, Dr Martens shoes, Åhléns hat
söndag 26 aug 2012 kl 17:33 | Me | me outfit jacket black dr martens


Not zzzuper fun bur here ya go. Wearing a pair of my absolute favorite shoes!! Dr Martens x22Gracex22 shoes, Beyond retro sweater
tisdag 21 aug 2012 kl 23:51 | Me | me oufit dr martens


My tank is new from American Apparel and itx27s got a bra in it. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. American Apparel tank, H&M leather shorts (again, i know, but i LUV x27EM), Dr Martens shoes, H&M necklace.
torsdag 16 aug 2012 kl 22:25 | Me | me outfit birthday dr martens west coast


Today we went to Monaco! Here i am, posing like a tourist with the casino in the back. Hahaa..... Old dress Mango, shoes Dr Martens, sunglasses Ray Ban
söndag 5 aug 2012 kl 00:24 | Me | Monaco me dress dr martens


Idag var vi i Cannes. Jag hittade tyvärr ingen väska men däremot en jättefin kavaj. Den får ni se imon. Och så köpte vi macarons som jag har stoppat i mä nu på kvälla. Mums. Klänning Topshop, halsband H&M, armband Italien, skor Dr Martens.
fredag 27 jul 2012 kl 23:00 | Me | Cannes Macarons Me Dress Dr Martens