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Jag älskar att finna massa gamla stolar av dansk design på Pinterest. Eller som här även franks/indisk, svensk/fransk samt ungersk. Tycker alla är riktigt fina. I love to find interior and furniture inspiration on Pinterest. I love these chairs with design from France, Sweden, India, Denmark and H
fredag 1 maj 2015 kl 20:00 | Inspiration | chairs love inspiration pinterest interior furniture

By Verner Panton

While looking through Pinterest I found these cool furniture constructions by danish interior designer Verner Panton.
tisdag 10 feb 2015 kl 15:37 | Inspiration | verner panton furniture construction interior

IT's october third

A better picture from yesterday!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 20:05 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

fluffy white

Should wear this jacket more often because it is really nice, but it is just so white and fluffy... From Zara!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 17:09 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit


Two weeks ago my Woolrich-jacket got stolen in France and Ix27ve been so sad to not have it. The insurance only covered like 1% of its value. BUUUUT, Annie found one left in the Woolrich store, a size bigger though but it was on sale so I bought it. Suuuper happpy
lördag 2 mar 2013 kl 16:17 | Me | me woolrich fur fake fur


Went to Tokyo for a moment................................ Thanks for da ticet Photpshop!
måndag 3 dec 2012 kl 13:42 | Me | me outfit buffalos fur balenciaga


In that fury thang again.. Canx27t reallt decide if i like it or not.. New turtleneck from H&M and Zara faux fur (bought from Caroline Blomst!)
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 17:38 | Me | me outfit fur buffalos balenciaga


torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 21:56 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens


I found out that Caroline was selling this faux fur jacket on her bloppis a while ago and I had to buy it since she looked so good in it but I have to admit I donx27t like it at all on me. Itx27s too fluffy and white haha.
torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 08:34 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens
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