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Hade en underbar fredagskväll i Slottsskogen med picnic i Azaleadalen men min vän Amanda. Första riktiga sommarkvällen för mig i år, och so many more to come <3

Food Market Magasinsgatan

Gick på Food Market i lördags med Amanda och åt fish tacos, drack öl, kaffe, kaffelemonad och snodde åt oss lite kaffefudge. Mer food markets tack! Food Market in Gotherburg. Went with my nyc pal and ate fish tacos, coffee lemonade, beer, lots of americanos and coffee fudge.
måndag 11 maj 2015 kl 22:00 | Other | food market magasinsgatan mat coffee gothenburg tacos


The other day with my friends at Bönor & Bagels and Da Matteo in Gothenburg. Here you see Julia.
torsdag 26 mar 2015 kl 23:00 | Other | friends gothenburg bönor & bagels da matteo kaffe

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Spent my day with Amanda - my awesome friend I found in New York. We went for a coffee at Da Matteo, then to Kafé Magasinet for some lunch. Love that place. Later we bought wine and went to Amandas apartment in Majorna and had a lot of fun. Cheers!
onsdag 4 mar 2015 kl 13:00 | Other | da matteo gothenburg kafé magasinet coffee food majorna


I got my driverx27s license the other day!!!!!! SUCH a relief. Picked up my friends and went on a road trip and watched the sunset. I am so in for manyyy more road trips. Call me.
onsdag 18 jun 2014 kl 15:30 | New in | me car road trip gothenburg sunset

Bar Kino

Madde, Astrid och jag satte oss på Bar Kino i lördags. Där drack vi billigt kaffe, vin, cola som smakade colaglass och åt svingod chevre. Sååå nice att bara kunna göra saker, åter igen.... Went to Bar Kino to have a nice evening with my friends Madde and Astrid. We had a blaaaast :)
onsdag 18 jun 2014 kl 08:01 | Friends | bar kino kino linne gothenburg friends

Lediga dagar

Life without homework is filled wich coffees con amigos. At Bar Centro the other day we met a cute pug called Sigge.
lördag 14 jun 2014 kl 11:51 | Friends | me pug friends coffee bar centro gothenburg pug

Wayne's coffee

I was invited to a breakfast event at the new opening Waynex27s Coffee in Gothenburg! I was supernice and it was the best start of my friday! First two photos by Change Pr Agency and the following four by me. Happy weekend yaao
fredag 28 mar 2014 kl 23:12 | Fashion News | wayne's coffee gothenburg event


Today is a day full of thing to do. But I woke up by nine and the sun was shining and I made the biggest and nicest breakfast so the day started good at least! Now Ix27m going to take a shower and then take the bus to search for some flowers to give my brother and Annie. Then Annie and I will go to Åhléns to see if we find something nice! After that we are planning to eat burritos! I will also renew my passport and maybe go to a concert and t...
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lördag 8 mar 2014 kl 10:23 | Other | Saturday weekend fun sun gothenburg


This was me today. I went to town with Annie, looking for christmas presents but unfortunately I did not find ANY. Well Ix27ve got three weeks to go. Yaay. Dem new leather trousers from Mango, Dr Martens Grace shoes, Zara scarf, brothers/Annies jacket and Balenciaga bag.
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 22:56 | Me | me outfit gothenburg black balenciaga dr martens


torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 21:56 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens


I found out that Caroline was selling this faux fur jacket on her bloppis a while ago and I had to buy it since she looked so good in it but I have to admit I donx27t like it at all on me. Itx27s too fluffy and white haha.
torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 08:34 | Me | me outfit gothenburg fur dr martens


H&M (Trend) leather jacket, Bikbok shirt, Ginatricot pants, converse
tisdag 4 sep 2012 kl 20:38 | Me | me outfit gothenburg leather jacket


I canx27t find any inspiration right now, though I love the fall. Itx27s not to cold yet to wear ALL EMO BLACK.. But when I saw my jeans in my closet yesterday I couldnx27t leave them at home. But the dream outfit right now for me would be like: Dr Martens, beanie, black jeans, big sweater and a niiiice coat. *COUNTING DOWN* lol. Yesterdays: H&M (Trend) leather jacket, H&M (Trend) kimono, American Apparel tank, Cheap Monday jeans, Topshop wedge ...
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fredag 24 aug 2012 kl 08:37 | Me | me outfit gothenburg


These pics are from the last day of Way Out West 2012.. Pictures by: Topshop dress, Ray Ban sunglasses, Roobinx27s shoes, Zara bag, necklaces from India, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
tisdag 21 aug 2012 kl 12:20 | Me | me outfit gothenburg way out west


Bikbok shirt, Zara t-shirt, Zara lace shorts, Mulberry bag, Dr Martens shoes
måndag 20 aug 2012 kl 23:52 | Me | Me outfit gothenburg