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out for dinner

Ready for dinner wearing Uniqlo dress and cashmere sweater, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Balenciaga bag and Calvin Klein watch.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 22:42 | Other | me calvin klein uniqlo shoes outfit

june 19

American Apparel top, Ginatricot jacket, Nike shoes and H&M shorts.
onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 16:06 | Me | me west coast outfit black

white dress

New white dress from Zara!
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 18:22 | New in | Me dress white zara new in outfit ann Demeulemeester

Midsummer Outfit

New black singoalla top from Ginatricot, H&M Conscious Collection and Ann Demeulemeester boots. And OFC some flowers in da hair. xoxo flower queen jo
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 01:36 | Me | me flowers black outfit midsummer midsommar summer

reformation dress

Wore my Reformation dress I bought in London last summer for the first time the other day! I love Reformation. The shapes and the cuts are verrry nice. Worn with my Ann Demeulemeester boots and Prada sunnies.
torsdag 19 jun 2014 kl 12:34 | Me | reformation dress ann demeulemeester prada outfit


Sneaaak peaaaak.... more to come..
måndag 9 jun 2014 kl 13:30 | Me | me dress zara outfit

white tee

Bougt in NYC at Uniqlo
onsdag 21 maj 2014 kl 13:30 | Other | t-shirt white outfit uniqlo

Perry St

Me at Perry Street in West Village, New York.
onsdag 23 apr 2014 kl 19:53 | Me | me new york perry street travek outfit

Bedford St/Bleecker St

Loved the streets around Bleecker St in West Village! They are soo cuteeee
onsdag 23 apr 2014 kl 10:53 | Me | me new york outfit black happy


Little Jo yesterday in Långedrag! In my beloooved jacket by BLK DNM and Zara studio dress, Prada sunnies and new headband from H&M!
lördag 29 mar 2014 kl 10:12 | Me | me prada H&M blk dnm zara studio outfit


Jag kl 08:00 imorse i mitt lilla Gbg!!!! Börjar bli fint nu när våren kömmmmer. This morning! In new H&M Trend dress, H&M Trend fluffy jacket and Ann Demeulemeester boots!
torsdag 6 mar 2014 kl 19:03 | Me | ann demeulemeester boots outfit fluffy black göteborg me


Photo: Lova Nyblom Mellan Berns och Bukowskis som vi sprang fram och tillbaka till mellan visningarna. Satan vad kallt det var, mina händer ser typ döda ut. Freezing to death between two shows! H&M jacket, Monki dress, Balenciaga bag, Dr Martens shoes, Calvin Klein watch, 50 de pona ring!
söndag 2 feb 2014 kl 19:05 | Me | me mbfwsthlm fashion week outfit jojo stockholm


1. Lova utanför Berns. 2&3. Vi drog tillbaka till Berns sen för lunch på Berns Asiatiska. 3. ze moi i min nya robe från Bikbok! Härligt svart och mycket tyg = me gusta. Första dagens sammanfattning: Fan va kul
tisdag 28 jan 2014 kl 00:21 | Other | me lobster fashion week mbfw stockholm berns mat sushi outfit


Yesterday in striped jacket from Esprit.
lördag 23 nov 2013 kl 10:55 | Me | me stripes esprit friday outfit curls


Took some photos of my friend Gertrude today as well, you can find them on her blog!
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 19:35 | Friends | gertrude friend outfit

november 18th

I love this short sleeved shirt from H&M Man in leo denim 8-)
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 18:13 | Me | me leo denim black dr martens outfit


Here comes a little summary from the Esprit workshop and vernissage at Lilla Baren, Riche, i participated in the last month! Really had a blast doing this, working with the greatest people and met the nicest people! So the summary goes like this: MUY BIEN, ME GUSTA MUCHO, LOCO FIESTA, CERVEZA. First photo & black and white photo: Fredrik Skogkvist...
Läs mer
lördag 2 nov 2013 kl 09:12 | Other | esprit workshop yay fest vernissage me outfit riche

October fifth

Been studying all day and then I went to Butcherx27s Market to eat the amazing burgers again. In my new shoes from Zara, jeans from BLK DNM, BLK DNM leather jacket, Balenciaga bag.
lördag 5 okt 2013 kl 20:33 | Me | All black everything outfit me

IT's october third

A better picture from yesterday!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 20:05 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

fluffy white

Should wear this jacket more often because it is really nice, but it is just so white and fluffy... From Zara!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 17:09 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

October 2

In my new earrings from Glitter and new shoes from Skopunkten! Also H&M coat and shirt and BLK DNM jeans.
onsdag 2 okt 2013 kl 18:11 | Me | me outfit new in black blk dnm skopunkten


Wearing a Topshop top I bought in London last time. Do not ask me why I bought it in grey, I wonx27t ever use it.
torsdag 26 sep 2013 kl 17:41 | Me | me topshop new in outfit

New in hihi

I did buy something today, something really big I have been wanting for a while. FINALLY!!!!!! Ix27ll post what it is my instagram asap! I wore x22thickx22 H&M shirt, Ginatricot pants and Vans.
tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 22:05 | New in | me new in hihi outfit

september 20

Went for shopping yesterday. Nothing was nice though, unfortunately. But I did find a pair of trousers Ix27ll show you later! Having huge problems with trousers because they are always too short for my legs :( In Zara sweater, H&M dress, Vans, Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag!
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 12:39 | Me | me outfit zara vans balenciaga black white

September 19

BLK DNM jeans, Beyond Retro shirt, H&M bomber, Prada sunglasses and Vans.
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 00:38 | Me | Me blk dnm cat outfit

Ghetto braids

Went out with my friends yesterday and wore four braids I made. Felt pretty gangster. That was my last night out for a long time. Now I really have to take it easy and put my time on studying. So boring Ix27m gonna die, but in the end itx27ll be worth it.
onsdag 11 sep 2013 kl 14:32 | Me | Me braids outfit


Yet agaaain, longing for autumn.... hellooo where r u...? I want to wear big black clothes. Well, while we wait: Caroline Blomst leather jacket, Caroline Blomst t-shirt, Levis shorts, Vans chess shoes.

White again

I went to a party where heels were mandatory sooo I put these Topshop wedges. I really never wear heels, I used to love heels some years ago though... AND I wore white for the second time this week ahah. New Topshop shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Topshop velvet wedges and Zara bag.
tisdag 27 aug 2013 kl 19:23 | Me | heels wedges outfit white

stockholm streetstyle

Daniel took some photos of me in Stockholm which appeared here! Wearing: Caroline Blomst leather jacker, H&M Trend dress, Dr Martens shoes and Balenciaga bag.
tisdag 20 aug 2013 kl 16:43 | Me | me streetstyle street style outfit caroline blomst balenciaga


Day 5 and the last day in Stockholm looked like this. Now Ix27m off to London! Ix27ve just received my camera so time for some nice photoooos :DDDDD Stay tuned for the fourth day in estocholmoo....
fredag 12 jul 2013 kl 14:08 | Other | me stockholm madde all black everything outfit
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