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More from India! I love the landscapes and my silver nails ofc!
måndag 18 feb 2013 kl 19:13 | Me | me goa india coconut beach


A year ago in Goa, India. I went there with my family for 20 days and we went to Bombay as well. A very instructive trip! Go to India bitches!!
måndag 18 feb 2013 kl 15:05 | Me | me india goa beach long hair


While in Goa, India, last february.... Miss it.
söndag 11 nov 2012 kl 20:08 | Me | india me beach black white


Herex27s the belt I wore to the T-shirt dress, but u couldnx27t see it in the other pics. Belt from India, iloveit.
söndag 2 sep 2012 kl 20:08 | Me | belt india