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My pictures from the Altewaisaome show! This show was a favorite as well.
fredag 29 aug 2014 kl 14:03 | Fashion News | altewaisaome fashion week show stockholm

Statement Earring

New in: earring from H&M and shirt from Zara.
torsdag 28 aug 2014 kl 15:59 | New in | me earring hm zara shirt fashion week stockholm


I am longing for dressing up like this again! Helloooo fall you are very welcomeee
torsdag 21 aug 2014 kl 11:58 | Me | me new york zara studio blk dnm ann demeulemeester


Summer is almost over and it is time for the last dip. BUT, I am more than ready for what this fall has to offer....
onsdag 20 aug 2014 kl 14:38 | Other | tumblr inspiration summer fall ocean

stella mccartney fall 2014

Kate Moss for Stella McCartney fall 2014 by Mert & Marcus! source


Some pictures from my birthday in Helsingør! It was such a prettttty cityyyy
lördag 16 aug 2014 kl 21:21 | Other | Helsingør birthday me city woho


fredag 15 aug 2014 kl 19:40 | Other | Me birthday summer

End of July

I want this... Blouse, jumper & skirt from Zara, details from Artilleriet and shorts from Topshop!
tisdag 29 jul 2014 kl 17:19 | I want | i want july summer pre-fall details


Strawberries are on the top of my x22things-i-would-get-a-tribal-tattoo-forx22-list. The only thing on the list actually. OK, I take that back but nobody can stop me from eating strawberries!!!!!!!!!!! Wearing in the shadow of dem berries: BLK DNM jacket, Acne jeans, Uniqlo dress, Balenciaga ba
lördag 26 jul 2014 kl 23:11 | Me | me strawberries love blk dnm

Hello Summer

Always daydreaming about the perfect summer. Right now these pics are on my mind. Sources: pics on the left tumblr pics on the right tumblr
måndag 14 jul 2014 kl 10:56 | Inspiration | summer inspiration tumblr

snapshots by the pool

I photographed some detailes by the pool yesterday.
måndag 7 jul 2014 kl 19:49 | Other | photo camera canon 6d canon photography


I love to have una melona for breakfast here in Spain!
fredag 4 jul 2014 kl 13:18 | Other | melon breakfast food summer spain

out for dinner

Ready for dinner wearing Uniqlo dress and cashmere sweater, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Balenciaga bag and Calvin Klein watch.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 22:42 | Other | me calvin klein uniqlo shoes outfit

friday 27

Having the best vacation here in Spain! After a supernice breakfast we went to restaurant Picasso in Marbella where I ate a taaaasty risotto.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 18:28 | Other | me marbella food vacation summer

26 june

Woooop! Estoy en Espana!!!!! Vamooooos. It is sooo good to be here. I am eating, sunbathing, swimming and chilling over and over. I love it!!! Isnx27t it beautiful?
lördag 28 jun 2014 kl 00:04 | Other | me spain alex sotogrande vacation summer

june 19

American Apparel top, Ginatricot jacket, Nike shoes and H&M shorts.
onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 16:06 | Me | me west coast outfit black


Arrivederci. No, Hasta la Vista. Going to Sssspain. Realized the weather sucks and I need a vacation so I booked flights to Malaga the day before yesterday to join my friend Alz to Marbella this year again. Super spontaneous but I will not regret it at all. See you in Spain!!!!!!!!
onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 09:42 | Other | spain marbella flight summer vacation lift off

west coast

onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 09:04 | Other | west coast fiskebäckskil landet annie me

white dress

New white dress from Zara!
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 18:22 | New in | Me dress white zara new in outfit ann Demeulemeester

Midsummer Outfit

New black singoalla top from Ginatricot, H&M Conscious Collection and Ann Demeulemeester boots. And OFC some flowers in da hair. xoxo flower queen jo
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 01:36 | Me | me flowers black outfit midsummer midsommar summer


My cousin Sebastian shot some photos of me at my graduation party! I was veeeeeery happppyyy!!!!! Photographer:
fredag 20 jun 2014 kl 15:58 | Me | me graduation happy student ida sjöstedt


Yesterday we went for a walk in Fiskebäckskil.
torsdag 19 jun 2014 kl 16:45 | Other | west coast fiskebäckskil landet annie me

reformation dress

Wore my Reformation dress I bought in London last summer for the first time the other day! I love Reformation. The shapes and the cuts are verrry nice. Worn with my Ann Demeulemeester boots and Prada sunnies.
torsdag 19 jun 2014 kl 12:34 | Me | reformation dress ann demeulemeester prada outfit


I got my driverx27s license the other day!!!!!! SUCH a relief. Picked up my friends and went on a road trip and watched the sunset. I am so in for manyyy more road trips. Call me.
onsdag 18 jun 2014 kl 15:30 | New in | me car road trip gothenburg sunset

Friday 13

I fredags mötte jag upp Alex för en fika på Da Matteo. Senare anslöt sig även Mirja, Julia och Antonia och vi hade det gööött i solen i ca 4 h. Alex syster Bea svängde även förbi med hennes lille son Hugo som var asgottttig. Älskar att vara ledig och slippa ha ständigt ångest över att plugga 24/7. Jag bar min fina trench jag köpte på H&M Trend förra sommaren. I met up Alex, Mirja, Julia and Antonia to sit at Da Matteo for many hours. I love...
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tisdag 17 jun 2014 kl 02:22 | Friends | me alex mirja fika da matteo sun

the best shirt

Wearing my favorite Acne shirt, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Prada sunnies, H&M Trend vest and leather shorts and Balenciaga bag.
söndag 15 jun 2014 kl 01:15 | Me | me ann demeulemeester balenciaga acne prada hm

Lediga dagar

Life without homework is filled wich coffees con amigos. At Bar Centro the other day we met a cute pug called Sigge.
lördag 14 jun 2014 kl 11:51 | Friends | me pug friends coffee bar centro gothenburg pug


I onsdags tog jag studenten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! En dag jag längtat efter sedan tidigt i skolåren. Inte för att jag inte tyckt om skolan, jag har älskat skolan, men jag har länge vetat vad jag vill syssla med och har varit extremt taggad för att börja min karriär. Har aldrig liksom sett anledning att vänta. Jag har verkligen längtat till att få börja jobba och satsa för att lyckas. Men eftersom skolan har varit viktig för mig har jag kämpat mycket ...
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fredag 13 jun 2014 kl 21:21 | Me | me graduation student finally love lucky happy jojo bitch


I really like this color! Dress from Zara. And Ann Demeulemeester boots!
tisdag 10 jun 2014 kl 18:59 | Other | me dress nude zara ann demeulemeester


Sneaaak peaaaak.... more to come..
måndag 9 jun 2014 kl 13:30 | Me | me dress zara outfit
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