fashion news Topshop Unique AW13

Carolines World | Lady Vilde   18 feb 2013 11:38   by Lady Vilde
OMG! Topshop Unique aw13 has gone over to the dark side with black, grey and deep (blood) red. But also brighter colors in the end. Love it.

fashion news ZARA FEB 13

Carolines World | Lady Vilde   15 feb 2013 10:09   by Lady Vilde
OH LOVE! Zara Lookbook February 2013.
I love the white cropped t-shirt and the white skirt. Perfect combination.


Carolines World | Lady Vilde   14 feb 2013 20:00   by Lady Vilde
SAY HELLO to my valentine! My love is deep blue and his name is "Marion Classic Prisma Bag" Finally I do have the perfect shoulder bag!! WIHUU. What do you think?

The bag is now standing in front of beautiful pictures of the stunning model, Kate Moss, from the book "The Kate Moss Book" that I received in my mailbox yesterday. Eek! So much inspiration to find in that woman.
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