Carolines World | Lady Vilde   24 jun 2012 12:34   by Lady Vilde
Good day, sweethearts! Yesterday I celebrated midsummer with good friends, ate banana with chocolate from the oven: P and drived around with my good friend, Caroline, who have received the driver's license. Congratulations! Now, fortunately, not long before I get it too. BUT, what I thought I was going to announce today was that it was one year ago I was in Berlin on vacation today. Thought I'd show you some pictures :) And some pictures from London in 2011 and Paris in 2010. I have not been on so many holidays so there are quite a few memories of these trips. Some pictures from Scotland are post to you too. It is also less than one month before I'm in Stockholm today Yey! it also means that I turn 18 on less than one month too. Can't wait :)
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