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Carolines World | Lady Vilde   15 jul 2012 17:45   by Lady Vilde
I often get questions about myself on emails. So here is 15 things about me:

1. The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my mail
2. I love cooking (suddenly, I never thought I would do. But I think I have it from my mum, she is very talented in the kitchen)
3. I'm a workaholic
4. I am the world's worst on impulse buys
5. I work as extra help in one of the centers in Valdres for getting money
6. Many ask me which blogs I read, and the answer is: MANY! I have some favorites: 5inchandup,afterDRK,aportablepackage,annabel,buytheway,blameitonfashion,carolineblomst,elinkling,hanneli,columbinesmille,fashionjunkiie,nathaliehelgerud,theshowmanship,ele-ista,hippiehippie milkshake,styledevil,fashionsquad,feedmyego,lisaplace,wigertstil,lillisfashion,luxuryshoppers,northernlight,
,thefashioneaters,tuula,thechick'sgotstyle,thestylecavalry,vanillascented,weworewhat.. yeah, that was a lot;-)
7. I couldn't live without my closest people
8. I spend a lot of money on fashion magazines
9. I wants to work with PR /marketing
10. If I should describe myself in three words it would be: nice, someone you can trust and caring
11. My favorite brands are Acne, Isabel Marant and Céline.
12: I love breakfast! I can't understand people who doesn't eat that <3
13. I hate copies that are identical
14. I buy expensive shoes and bags. the clothes are cheaper
15. I have gluten allergies
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