Carolines World | Lady Vilde   6 jan 2013 14:00   by Lady Vilde
As you know, I do not use much money on clothes. When I first buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories it is never on impulse. But when I buy shoes and bags I put some more money in it Like when I bought the black Mulberry Maisi clutch. I bought it with a hope of getting it to be "the perfect black shoulder bag", but it turned out to be harder than I thought. It was not possible to make the clutch into a shoulder bag at all. Resulting that I have the perfect black clutch instead. But now is the time to pay a little extra for a nice bag that I can take over my shoulder, which is not too large and in black. In the picture above you can see all the bags which is in my eyes just perfect.
1. Balenciaga, 2. Acne, 3. Valentino, 4.Proenza Schouler, 5.Alexander Wang

Which one should I pick? Unfortunately, the Valentino bag has to be just a dream.
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