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Hello lovers. Itx27s finally December! The calender is opened and the lights are lit. Cozy. Yesterday I was in the local extra edition of the local newspaper x22Valdresenx22 called x22Valdresmagasinetx22 and that was exciting - itx27s always funny to see yourself in a magazine (haha, Ix27m still dreaming to see myself in a fashion mag.) (pic 1) (pic 2) Shopping at x27The Body Shopx27 Ginger extract body butter in my <3 (pic 4) x27BLAXx27 hair ...
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söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 11:30 | inspiration | vilde press shopping


I was looking through the latest issue of Vixen magazine and the funny thing was that on the last page I turned up. I was really not excepted that:) Fun fun! You should pick up a copy and read the number one day. Marie has done a very good job! She took over for Marianne for a while, but this is her
fredag 31 aug 2012 kl 21:30 | inspiration | press vilde
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