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SAY HELLO to my valentine! My love is deep blue and his name is x22Marion Classic Prisma Bagx22 Finally I do have the perfect shoulder bag!! WIHUU. What do you think? The bag is now standing in front of beautiful pictures of the stunning model, Kate Moss, from the book x22The Kate Moss Bookx22 that
torsdag 14 feb 2013 kl 20:00 | inspiration | shopping alexanderwang

outfit DOTS

Happy Motherx27s day! Wearing what? New shirt from H&M Trend Pants from MQ Boots from Acne and bag from Alexander Wang What do you think? xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
söndag 10 feb 2013 kl 18:30 | inspiration | outfit vilde hm mq acne alexanderwang shopping


Hello lovers!! Now Ix27m relaxing in my couch with some food (AND FINALLY the latest issue of Norwegian Costume) after celebrating my auntx27s birthday. I LOVE Waldorf salad for dinner. I also baked x22Suksesstertex27 for the very first time and I must admit that it turned out very well. I ate too much. Ha ha. I was wearing blazer from ONLY Belt from Cos, new pants from MQ, boots from Acne and shirt from H&M Trend What do you think? xx, Vilde ...
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lördag 26 jan 2013 kl 20:50 | inspiration | outfit vilde acne mq hm only shopping

outfit KENZO LOOK 2

Here comes a second look wearing my Kenzo sweater. Together with a dress from H&M, shirt from Gina tricot and boots from Acne Have a lovely weekend, dear readers! xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
lördag 19 jan 2013 kl 10:34 | inspiration | outfit kenzo shopping vilde hm acne

outfit KENZO

Hello Friday! Short day at school today, but soon ready for work. Wearing my new sweater from Kenzo today together with an oversized coat from Gant and collars from H&M. What do you think? But hey, what happened with my hair yesterday? Ix27m not sure if I like it or not. Ha ha. // Found myself at StyleLoving and that was so great. Thank you! They liked how I styled x22The dicker bootsx22 from Isabel Marant (pic 2) (pic 3) A natural picture of m...
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fredag 18 jan 2013 kl 12:33 | inspiration | outfit kenzo shopping isabelmarant vilde


FINALLY has my Kenzo sweater arrived, and I just canx27t wait to wear it! And Ix27m really happy about that I bought it in black instead of green like I first considered. What do you think?
tisdag 15 jan 2013 kl 20:21 | inspiration | shopping kenzo


Four new bathroom products. Joico Body Luxe Conditioner give volume without weighing, the world greatest conditioning treatment from Joico, Ole Henriksen x22Balancing Cucumber Face Mistx22 an incredible refreshing toner (Christmas gift from my sister) And Redken heat protect shampoo.
onsdag 26 dec 2012 kl 09:26 | inspiration | beauty shopping

shopping TWO GIFTS

I love Christmas. Yesterday was so cozy. I received so many nice presents as well, including these two things: Case for my MacBook Pro and KitchenAid blender in red. Whooo! Exactly what I wanted:) I have a really kind family. What did you got? xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
tisdag 25 dec 2012 kl 10:40 | inspiration | shopping marcbymarcjacobs kitchenaid


This is my look of today. Itx27s December 24, and I just canx27t wait to eat roasted pork belly, rice porridge and a lot of christmas cookies tonight. And of course, I would lie if I said I didnx27t look forward to the presents, and to go to the church. Mood. Ix27m wearing my new angora jacket from Acne Shorts from H&M Heels from Bianco Purse from Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Again - Have a wishful Christmas lovely readers! XX, VILDE BJØRNØDE...
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måndag 24 dec 2012 kl 10:35 | inspiration | outfit maisonmartinmargiela hm bianco vilde shopping acne

outfit A thing for leopard

I really like leopard printed items. Itx27s the first my eyes gets drawn to when I enter a store. So when I saw this amazing jacket from H&M Trend, I just had to buy it! I wear it today together with beanie and earrings from H&M, pants from Never denim, sweater from Cubus and boots from Acne. xx, V
fredag 21 dec 2012 kl 14:05 | inspiration | shopping hmtrend acne hm neverdenim outfit

outfit LBD

Last night I was with the students of the same age as me from school and celebrated a Christmas tradition for us x22Russx22 We ate Christmas dinner and partied the whole night. I think we all had a really great time. Today, Ix27m a bit tired. Ha ha. I was wearing leggings and bag (new) from Maison
torsdag 20 dec 2012 kl 17:02 | inspiration | outfit vilde maisonmartinmargiela hm lanvin shopping


Amazing jacket from Acne is now mine!! I love the color (sky blue) From s/s 13
tisdag 18 dec 2012 kl 16:00 | inspiration | shopping acne


As long as I can remember, I have used a tank top. Just because I like it! I have been searching around for the perfect one for a long time. And now, I have found three of the most comfortable and of good quality at the marked. I guess:) From x27United Colors of Benettonx27, x27Filippa Kx27 and x27
fredag 14 dec 2012 kl 14:19 | inspiration | shopping

outfit BRR

Brrrr! Youx27re not gonna believe it, but itx27s true!! Itx27s about 20 degrees MINUS in Valdres right now. Resulting that I was pretty cold dressed today in beanie from H&M, necklace from Bik Bok (new) blazer from Nowhere, boots from Dr.Martens, tee from Zara and jeans from Never denim. We can kee
måndag 3 dec 2012 kl 17:31 | inspiration | outfit bikbok neverdenim nowhere zara drmartens shopping


Hello lovers. Itx27s finally December! The calender is opened and the lights are lit. Cozy. Yesterday I was in the local extra edition of the local newspaper x22Valdresenx22 called x22Valdresmagasinetx22 and that was exciting - itx27s always funny to see yourself in a magazine (haha, Ix27m still dreaming to see myself in a fashion mag.) (pic 1) (pic 2) Shopping at x27The Body Shopx27 Ginger extract body butter in my <3 (pic 4) x27BLAXx27 hair ...
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söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 11:30 | inspiration | vilde press shopping


OK, you have might understood it - Ix27m addicted to special perfumes! And for two days ago, my mum and I bought x27Coco eau de parfumx27 that we could use both. I’m fascinated by Coco and her history behind this fragrance. so I just had to try this one on and totally falled in love.I had only tried the original Chanel No.5 before,and dared not try the others not consicting x27changex27 in their names, just because I was afraid they smelled equal...
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torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 10:59 | inspiration | beauty chanel shopping


Hello new flats. Ix27m already in love with you. From Nowhere
måndag 26 nov 2012 kl 10:15 | inspiration | shopping nowhere


This is what I found most interesting from the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection. Ix27m really happy about that I managed to get my hands on it! Did you buy anything? xx
lördag 24 nov 2012 kl 08:50 | inspiration | shopping maisonmartinmargiela hm


Itx27s Thursday and Ix27m wearing my brand new scarf that Ix27m already in love with. From Dressmann actually. I was looking at x22the perfect onex22 from Dr.Martens, but I didnx27t find it on any online shop, and in Valdres they doesnx27t have Dr.Martens so .. But I like this one too!! And for only 99 NOK. A Halloween-party is on my schedule for tonight. What are you guys up to? Pants, Never denim Jacket, Bik Bok Boots, Dr. Martens Earrings, ...
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This is what I wore yesterday: Sweater, Gina tricot (new) Skirt, H&M Earrings, H&M Trend Boots, Dr Martens It is 6 November today- finally soon December and I can make gingerbread. Wihuu! xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
tisdag 6 nov 2012 kl 19:16 | inspiration | outfit drmartens ginatricot hm shopping


Me today, Ix27m wearing: My new western shirt from H&M Divided. So cool, and Isabel Marant-ish! Pants from Cubus Boots from Acne Clutch from Mulberry And fake fur jacket from H&M ITx27S FINALLY FRIDAY - enjoy the weekend:) What do you think? xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
fredag 19 okt 2012 kl 14:30 | inspiration | outfit hm red boots acne mulberry shopping vilde


Hola chic@s! Now, I can finally show you guys my new baby from Mulberry that I bought on Saturday. It is a clutch, but Ix27m going to make it as a shoulder bag. There is a leathermaker in the city that would help me fix it! This is because I do not have a shoulder bag, and this model from Mulberry has been my dream purse since I saw it the first time, and the bag is 10.000 NOK in store, so I decided to reconstruct the same model only as a clutch ...
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tisdag 16 okt 2012 kl 16:48 | inspiration | outfit vilde shopping mulberry hm nowhere acne


Since I was online at while the Anna Dello Russo collection was released, I got the opportunity to buy this amazing statement necklace. Did you got anything from the collection?
söndag 14 okt 2012 kl 12:00 | inspiration | shopping hm annadellorusso


I went crazy at Mulberry yesterday - iiik! But Ix27m so happy about what I bought. I will show you guys outfit post with my new baby soon. Stay tuned:) OMG, the x22thingx22 is just lovely!! I also bought boots from Hunter,cowboy shirt from H&M Divided and two earrings from H&M (pictures at the top)
söndag 14 okt 2012 kl 09:53 | inspiration | shopping hm mulberry hunter


It looks like Ix27m falling to sleep soon, but hey - itx27s the sun! Actually - it was a hot autumn day today. Wearing top, H&M (new) Watch, Mango Skirt, Lindex Boots, Acne But I guess this was the last day to go without leggings:/ // Now, I have to get ready for a meeting at work. xoxo, Vilde B
tisdag 9 okt 2012 kl 18:56 | inspiration | outfit vilde isabelmarant hm lindex mango shopping


At the beginning of my periode as a blogger on Carolines World I showed you guys my favorite fragrance: Angel by Thierry Mugler. And now itx27s time to show you all my second favorite. This is also by Thierry Mugler, but the name is x27Womanityx27. I love that it smells so special. I need an exciting perfume with energy, savory and sweet all at once.x27Womanityx27 starts with citrus, then pink lemonade and deepened with red berry-ish fruits. Tr...
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söndag 7 okt 2012 kl 13:43 | inspiration | beauty shopping


ALL BLACK. I felt for going all black today. Just with a hint of white with my new favorite wedges. I love them!! Wedges, H&M Trend Scarf + tee, Acne Pants, H&M Jacket, Urban // now, dinner, before I have to get ready for a night out! What are you guys up to tonight? xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
lördag 29 sep 2012 kl 18:00 | inspiration | outfit vilde acne rayban hm shopping


NEW IN. Finally! I got myself a pair of white wedges. They are perfect! And actually comfy. I ordered them from They might are sold out now. From H&M TREND
fredag 28 sep 2012 kl 16:00 | inspiration | shopping hm heels


I have been searching around for the perfect blazer for a while, and finally I found it from Nowhere. What do you think? An outfit post will come up later. // but now.. I have to get dressed. Itx27s time for a 80 year anniversary.
lördag 22 sep 2012 kl 15:15 | inspiration | shopping nowhere


This sweater from H&M Trend is absolutely my new favorite sweater. I love the print! Skirt, Bik Bok Bag, Alexander Wang Heels, Bianco Necklace, Cooee design xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
måndag 17 sep 2012 kl 20:43 | inspiration | outfit hm shopping
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