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We spent Thursday at the beach filming a bunch of windsurfers for Dimitrisx27 new upcoming movie! So windy but bunny ear hoodie kept me warm enough! Have a great weekend!!;) Hoodie - E-bay Jeans - Levis YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl bloglovin
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This is what I wore today....Ix27m love with my new leather pants/leggings from H&M....personally I was searching for the perfect low budget leather pants for quite some time now...and then one day... voila they appear in front of me at H&M.....;) PANTS /H&M TRENCH / GURU SHOES /ZARA SHIRT / ZARA KNIT / H&M YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl bloglovin...
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måndag 26 nov 2012 kl 20:22 | Other | #TODAY #ATHENS #LOOK OF THE DAY


Our little video.....I guess you remember the jumpsuit post(its not that long ago) ;) Enjoy .......Have a lovely night my cyber friends!
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This is what I wore yesterday! Everything from Zara...the coat is from last year and my bag is Jacobs for Marc Jacobs! YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl and bloglovin
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Here you go with the photo!! Ix27m so happy you like our videos....and so you know , because its your fault this time Ix27m not cutting my hair!!! Happy now? you won little people!!! ( for now at least :))
torsdag 8 nov 2012 kl 22:28 | Other | #OUTFIT #ATHENS #MARGARITA


Long time no see.....But we are back with a video ....finally! Its not my fault... Videoboy had exams and didnx27t have time for us!!!! Blame him ;) ZARA trousers - blouse H&M shoes - tote
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LEVIS-jeans ZARA - boots - shirt - bag - belt(old)
fredag 2 nov 2012 kl 14:49 | Other | #OUTFIT #YESTERDAY #ATHENS #MARGARITA


Made a new friend today....Tonia , she designs know how much I love rings?! So I tried on almost every single one of them!!!! ....and selected these beauties.... For more visit her website :) Have a great saturday night!!!
lördag 27 okt 2012 kl 20:17 | Other | #RINGS #RING IT ON #ATHENS #TONIA POULAKI


Many of you might not like them....but I really do like those printed pj/pants!!! Those photos were taken a while back.....and now here they are.... P.S They are not pjs! hmf! :) And Isabelle can we change countries for a while? I WANT SNOW AND COLD!!! ZARA pants and boots HM TREND knit
fredag 26 okt 2012 kl 10:29 | Other | #PRINTED PANTS #AW12 #MARGARITA #ATHENS #BOOTS


More to was love at first sight with those printed pants and boots .....;)


Hello there!!! My complete outfit photo!!! Burgundy trousers? Well yeap I like them ;) do you? And the i-pad case....sometimes I put more things than just my i-pad inside it ,its convenient enough! ZARA - loafers and trousers H&M - knit


Not match went on this weekend!.....Did you watch the live jump? This one was taken while walking my dog on sunday! Zara jacket - grey tee - and black jeans ;)
måndag 15 okt 2012 kl 19:45 | Other | #SUNDAY #OUTFIT #NIKE #MARGARITA #ATHENS


One of the outfits I wore this week....The black boots and the printed pants are new from ZARA! My knit is from H&M trend! More photos coming soon :)
fredag 12 okt 2012 kl 15:34 | Other | #OUTFIT #COLLAGE #ATHENS #KNIT #PRINTED PANTS


Shirts is one of my favorite things to buy.... I just love them and I can live in them for days ...:) And boots with dresses (even though I donx27t wear them a lot) and shorts! ZARA - SHIRT - BOOTS (old) JEANS SHORT - donx27t know :/
torsdag 4 okt 2012 kl 13:41 | Other | #YESTERDAY #OUTFIT #JEANS #BOOTS #ATHENS


First edit of our fall video series! Hope you like it!!


Definetly thoses nike trainers are so comfortable...Does any of you have them in any crazy color mix? I think I want them in one of these .......I match them with my jeans shorts and a jean shirt! Now I realized that I kinda like the total jean outfit remember this post ? H&M shirt and backpack NI


I got them as a gift ....they are really comfortable and you can pretty much wear them day and night....;) NIKE FREE RUN 3


My complete outfit....that pink blazer is really old and the only piece of cloth in pink I own.....well its not that PINK but its in the same range of color!!! :) And those loafers....I really like them... ZARA blazer - shoes - shirt H&M TREND shorts H&M tote
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We went to the RHCP concert on tuesday night....tooo crowded off-course but at the same time too good and excited to listen live some of your favorite songs!




I guess I am not the only one that loves total black outfits! This photo is from a couple of days ago from a window shopping morning with my Mum and her friends.....she is NOT AN EXPERT IN ANY KIND OF TECHNOLOGY....which sometimes its funny! This is the only proper photo she manage to take before driving me insane! Cheers Mum! :) ZARA tee + bag + flat sandals H&M shorts ...
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Zara blue shorts - white tee and miu miu flat sandals! I wanna thank you all for your amazing comments...I am so happy you like our videos!!!! I know you what to see Honey but I have to bribe her with many delicious treats so she can do something besides sleeping or resting under the air conditioni


An amazing evening by the pool with my friends and my new Roxy stuff.......Mojitos and Dino!!!!! Now I think I love this video more than the last one!!!!! Isnx27t Dimitris the best???.....Yeap he is!!!!! So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways...and....have a great day :) ...
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Hello my friends!! Star tee - jeans shorts - and a military jacket with a sparkling pocket...that was my outfit for my x27x27HUNTING FOR SUNGLASSES DAYx27x27 I think it went well and if it did not, I donx27t care I will keep them either way....I ll go crazy, if I keep looking for the perfect ones!! Ix27ll show you tomorrow!! XX JACKET AND TEE ZARA (NEW COLLECTION) SHORTS ZARA (OLD) ...
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This is my yesterdays outfit! White tee, baggy jeans shorts and flip flops, comfy when the heat is up! My necklace is from an etsy shop! HERE
fredag 29 jun 2012 kl 08:14 | Other | #YESTERDAY #OUTFIT #WHITE #ATHENS


White shirt- jeans and flat sandals was my day today! Now that I see my legs I think I am too tanned , I also cut my bangs by myself and now I may look like a little playmobile toy!! haahah OUPS!:/ Zara everything (shirt and jeans old)! ...
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Under the sea!! Here is the underwater mini video!! I hope you enjoy it as I do! My bikini is ROXY Isnx27t summer the best? Now Ix27m off to the beach once again :) ...
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Well I thought you would like to see this one!.....Donx27t you??? Its an e-commercial Dimitris filmed for Lamda Green last was about the ecobike!I drove the coolest bike ever I guess!That bike is amazing!!! And I also donx27t have bangs feels a bit strange now that Im watching it again! You can follow me on bloglovin too if you want!! ...
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Well hello there.....I was so happy sun was back I could fly!!!!! yeahhh This was so much fun making it! Hope you ike it!


ZARA black lace shorts, jacket, bag and biker boots H&M black tee
tisdag 29 maj 2012 kl 19:12 | Other | #BLACK #LACE #TODAY #ATHENS
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