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Shirts is one of my favorite things to buy.... I just love them and I can live in them for days ...:) And boots with dresses (even though I donx27t wear them a lot) and shorts! ZARA - SHIRT - BOOTS (old) JEANS SHORT - donx27t know :/
torsdag 4 okt 2012 kl 13:41 | Other | YESTERDAY OUTFIT JEANS BOOTS ATHENS


Definetly thoses nike trainers are so comfortable...Does any of you have them in any crazy color mix? I think I want them in one of these .......I match them with my jeans shorts and a jean shirt! Now I realized that I kinda like the total jean outfit remember this post ? H&M shirt and backpack NI


Easily rolling around town wearing that! PLEASE MARNI.....CAN YOU HEAR ME? ( you actually have to read me :D ) I WANT THAT BACKPACK!!!!! :) Have a great day :) MARNI Backpack SUPERGA Sneakers RAG & BONE Oversized Terry Top CURRENT ELIOTT Leopard corduroy low-rise skinny jeans...
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OUTFIT is my complete outfit! I suppose that during winter time ( if winter time hits Greece ! ) I will pair those lovely jeans better but I kinda like this simple comfy look! Have a great day :) ONE TEASPOON JEANS ZARA TEE H&M TOTE


A sneak peek of my outfit today!


Zara blue shorts - white tee and miu miu flat sandals! I wanna thank you all for your amazing comments...I am so happy you like our videos!!!! I know you what to see Honey but I have to bribe her with many delicious treats so she can do something besides sleeping or resting under the air conditioni


This is what I wore today!!! I love those jeans from Zara! I just saw the underwater video!! Its different and funny!!! Stay tuned tomorrow is the day! Goodnight everyone !!! :) ...
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tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 21:00 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT ZARA JEANS MARGARITA


Sooo , Ix27ve been lazy today....I stayed home doing absolutely nothing! I was a bit tired from the weekend helping out Nick at his windsurfing school...and what about your weekends? My feet are a bit dirty....sorry about that its just that I love walking barefoot :) hehe! You can follow my dirty steps on intsagram and twitter at margarita_myl !!!:) Now we are going to make some homemade mojitos! Goodnight! ...
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tisdag 5 jun 2012 kl 18:24 | Other | TODAY WHITE CHILL JEANS


Finally the sun is shining....Breakfast with friends and having a great time, wearing my tie-dye jeans...( yes you canx27t see that in the photo but they are really cool-and comfy). T-shirt and jeans both Zara!!
tisdag 20 mar 2012 kl 02:01 | Other | ZARA JEANS T-SHIRT OUTFIT ATHENS


Rolling around in my new knit from Zara!!
tisdag 6 mar 2012 kl 20:55 | Other | rings knit jeans zara ATHENS