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The one thing I asked Santa is this.......ACNE is hunting my dreams....I want it so bad...I dont mind the color I JUST WANT IT. Since my Santa is broke ( instagram joke...) pffff and on a regular day with friends I spotted this at ZARA and I bought it! But now I dont know either to keep it or not..... I know is not the same but it kind of calms down my thing for the other one...but still want you and only you ...
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torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 12:30 | Other | ACNE WANT NEW IN ZARA


I got them as a gift ....they are really comfortable and you can pretty much wear them day and night....;) NIKE FREE RUN 3
fredag 14 sep 2012 kl 12:04 | Other | NIKE NEW IN TODAY MARGARITA ATHENS FREE RUN 3


The notes feature bergamot, strawberry, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, cedar, amber, white truffle and vanilla....I dont know what I like more....Freja , the bottle , that smell or Valentino.... My new favorite! Whatx27s yours?
lördag 8 sep 2012 kl 08:39 | Other | VALENTINA EAU DE PARFUM VALENTINO NEW IN


An amazing evening by the pool with my friends and my new Roxy stuff.......Mojitos and Dino!!!!! Now I think I love this video more than the last one!!!!! Isnx27t Dimitris the best???.....Yeap he is!!!!! So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways...and....have a great day :) ...
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ASOS is one of my favorite places for online shopping! I just received this Bucket Bag for just 48.91 euros! I am so happy!!
söndag 19 feb 2012 kl 11:29 | Other | ASOS New in Bag