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....we were at a studio today filming and shooting....Actually Dimitris was filming and my friend Joey was shooting...if you want you can check my instagram for some behind the scenes photos! This is what I wore....The blazer and the boots were bought on my sale hunting spree! ZARA - boots and blazer MARC BY MARC JACOBS - jeans H&M - sweater FOLLOW ME : BLOGLOVIN INSTAGRAM TWITTER ...
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fredag 18 jan 2013 kl 23:05 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT MARGARITA


Well since the end of the world isnx27t here yet...and we are all alive I ll share some photos of my hypothetic last day on earth ;) you copy? are you there? Over over is anybody out there? MARC BY MARCJACOBS - jeans ZARA - leather jacket H&M - sweater NIKE - trainers FOLLOW ME : BLOGLOVIN INSTAGRAM TWITTER ...
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Ix27m wearing my fav matter what I may wear them again tomorrow! H&M leather leggings/pants ZARA knit and coat YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl bloglovin
torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 10:34 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT MARGARITA


I got them as a gift ....they are really comfortable and you can pretty much wear them day and night....;) NIKE FREE RUN 3
fredag 14 sep 2012 kl 12:04 | Other | NIKE NEW IN TODAY MARGARITA ATHENS FREE RUN 3


Having fun with my friends today! Silly,not to fashionable but lovely photos :) Goodnight everyone! Have a nice week! My bikini top is ROXY and bottom REEF!
måndag 25 jun 2012 kl 21:28 | Other | UNDERWATER MARGARITA TODAY BEACH


This is what I wore today!!! I love those jeans from Zara! I just saw the underwater video!! Its different and funny!!! Stay tuned tomorrow is the day! Goodnight everyone !!! :) ...
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tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 21:00 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT ZARA JEANS MARGARITA


ZARA black lace shorts, jacket, bag and biker boots H&M black tee
tisdag 29 maj 2012 kl 19:12 | Other | BLACK LACE TODAY ATHENS


My details today! Outfit photo later amigos! :) You can also follow me on twitter at @margarita_myl
tisdag 29 maj 2012 kl 11:53 | Other | BLACK LACE HOCUS FOCUS TODAY DETAILS


Ix27m wearing Zara lace shorts with a white tee!
onsdag 25 apr 2012 kl 15:03 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS TODAY DETAILS OUTFIT LACE SHORTS


Absolutely wouldnx27t mind.....or actually would love looking like this today , or tomorrow , or the next day !!!! 3.1 Phillip Lim Hand knit Mesh Stich Cardigan BeachWood Blouse CURRENT/ELLIOT Ankle Skinny Jeans Mulberry Bag Asos Boots...
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lördag 10 mar 2012 kl 13:32 | Other | like this today want outfit collage
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