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The one thing I asked Santa is this.......ACNE is hunting my dreams....I want it so bad...I dont mind the color I JUST WANT IT. Since my Santa is broke ( instagram joke...) pffff and on a regular day with friends I spotted this at ZARA and I bought it! But now I dont know either to keep it or not..... I know is not the same but it kind of calms down my thing for the other one...but still want you and only you ...
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torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 12:30 | Other | ACNE WANT NEW IN ZARA


Isnx27t this the cutest gift idea.....yeayyyyy :) I could put my rings in them....I know we all love macaroons!! So cute!!
söndag 18 nov 2012 kl 19:50 | Other | GIFT IDEA WISH WANT


Im in the cuber search for a coat....the KENZO not included....I canx27t afford it right now...dahhh!!!! So lets look at it....isnx27t amazing :D The Weekday one I think its really nice and in a cool price! 1.Double Grey Double Breasted Boyfriend Woolen Suit Coat 2.MAJE Manteau laine et cuir Noir 3.Weekday 4.KENZO Rabbit-trimmed wool-blend coat 5.MAJE Manteau en fourrure Noir...
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torsdag 15 nov 2012 kl 17:09 | Other | SHOPPING INSPIRATION WANT COAT WISH


The perfect sunday cozy outfit!! At least for me!!!! :) 3.1 Phillip Lim Motorcycle Jacket Rag & Bone Lund Pullover Mulberry Sneaker Black Studded Leather J BRAND Skinny fit jeans 3.1 phillip lim Pashli Mini Satchel in Jade...
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söndag 11 nov 2012 kl 15:56 | Other | OUTFIT COLLAGE INSPIRATION WANT WISH


I have this photo on my desktop for a while now.....the thought of Frejax27s hair is hunting me, not only in this one but in every photo I come across with her and Ix27m always like x27x27Thatx27s it...thats the hair I want...Ix27m gong to cut mine like thatx27x27 ...And then I do nothing.But I thin
måndag 5 nov 2012 kl 14:17 | Other | HAIR INSPIRATION WANT


OBSESSION is the right word to describe my love for every Mulberry thing out there....definitely in my birthday wishlist... :D
tisdag 25 sep 2012 kl 16:37 | Other | WISHLIST BAGS MULBERRY OBSESSED WANT


Well well....Mulberry just killed me a little with these wedge suede botties! I donx27t own any pair of wedges, donx27t know if i donx27t like them or what...but these are definitely good ones!!


Hey...look what I found in the cyberspace!!! Cool eh? Do you want to skate on Kate Moss? I would love to, not to skate because I would probably end up at the nearest hospital , hahah but I would love to have one just to look at it!! ...
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måndag 11 jun 2012 kl 17:34 | Other | KATE MOSS SKATE SKATE MOSS FUN WANT


My imaginary outfit for today!!! Here it seems that winter is back, its been raining non stop. MTWTFSS Collection Lucia Tee Orange Studded Shorts, Vintage Distressed High Waisted Denim W28 GUCCI x27minix27 bag Zadig & Voltaire By Gaia Repossi gold-plated cuff NARS x27Thakoonx27 Nail Polish Mark and James Roana - Black Leather...
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onsdag 30 maj 2012 kl 11:46 | Other | WISH WANT OUTFIT


Definitely THE most amazing pieces for summer time..... Kristel Bandisch I love everything and want them all! Donx27t you want your arm full of those bracelets too? I just canx27t decide what I want more!:)
lördag 26 maj 2012 kl 11:22 | Other | ROCKABELLA JEWELS WANT WISH BRACELETS HAWAI


Wishful thinking thanks to Mara Hoffman
onsdag 16 maj 2012 kl 13:46 | Other | MARA HOFFMAN WISH BIKINIS WANT


I recently realized that i donx27t have sunglasses....I think that since i cut my bangs i stopped wearing the ones i now ix27m looking for new ones...these are some that i i have to decide which ones to get!!What do you think? 1.Perfect day by Karen Walker 2.Geek chic Sunglasses 3.Danni Chunky Sglass by KG 4.Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses by Miu Miu 5.THIERRY LASRY 6.Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses...
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söndag 25 mar 2012 kl 12:30 | Other | sunglasses want collage summer


Absolutely wouldnx27t mind.....or actually would love looking like this today , or tomorrow , or the next day !!!! 3.1 Phillip Lim Hand knit Mesh Stich Cardigan BeachWood Blouse CURRENT/ELLIOT Ankle Skinny Jeans Mulberry Bag Asos Boots...
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lördag 10 mar 2012 kl 13:32 | Other | like this today want outfit collage