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Not match went on this weekend!.....Did you watch the live jump? This one was taken while walking my dog on sunday! Zara jacket - grey tee - and black jeans ;)
måndag 15 okt 2012 kl 19:45 | Other | SUNDAY OUTFIT NIKE MARGARITA ATHENS


Definetly thoses nike trainers are so comfortable...Does any of you have them in any crazy color mix? I think I want them in one of these .......I match them with my jeans shorts and a jean shirt! Now I realized that I kinda like the total jean outfit remember this post ? H&M shirt and backpack NI


I got them as a gift ....they are really comfortable and you can pretty much wear them day and night....;) NIKE FREE RUN 3
fredag 14 sep 2012 kl 12:04 | Other | NIKE NEW IN TODAY MARGARITA ATHENS FREE RUN 3