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This is what I wore yesterday! Everything from Zara...the coat is from last year and my bag is Jacobs for Marc Jacobs! YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl and bloglovin
fredag 16 nov 2012 kl 12:07 | Other | OUTFIT LOOK OF THE DAY ATHENS


Finally I got to wear my coat!!;) And the past two days its been windy and raining was about time I that Christmas is around the corner!!! YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl and bloglovin
torsdag 15 nov 2012 kl 13:04 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT MARGARITA


....booommm , Roberta found it!:) This is the first time I actually wore it! Had it sleeping in my closet for so long.....sorry my little Sonia jumpsuit! JUMPSUIT - SONIA RYKIEL FOR H&M SHOES- ZARA BAG - JACOBS FOR MARC JACOBS TEE - ZARA LEATHER JACKET - ZARA YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl bloglovin ...
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tisdag 13 nov 2012 kl 14:13 | Other | SONIA RYKIEL ATHNES OUTFIT MARGARITA


Happy monday everyone!!!..... So.....wanna play? Can you guess what piece of clothing I brought back from the dead? HINT 1.....its from 2010..... HINT 2..... Café de Flore has named a sandwich in her honor!!!! HINT 3 .....this piece is from a collaboration....( now you know ) YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON : instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl bloglovin ...
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måndag 12 nov 2012 kl 13:19 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT MARGARITA


The perfect sunday cozy outfit!! At least for me!!!! :) 3.1 Phillip Lim Motorcycle Jacket Rag & Bone Lund Pullover Mulberry Sneaker Black Studded Leather J BRAND Skinny fit jeans 3.1 phillip lim Pashli Mini Satchel in Jade...
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söndag 11 nov 2012 kl 15:56 | Other | OUTFIT COLLAGE INSPIRATION WANT WISH


Here you go with the photo!! Ix27m so happy you like our videos....and so you know , because its your fault this time Ix27m not cutting my hair!!! Happy now? you won little people!!! ( for now at least :))
torsdag 8 nov 2012 kl 22:28 | Other | OUTFIT ATHENS MARGARITA


Goodmornig people!!!! you can follow me on Instagram @margarita_myl twitter @margarita_myl and bloglovin!!!!!!
onsdag 7 nov 2012 kl 10:21 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT


LEVIS-jeans ZARA - boots - shirt - bag - belt(old)
fredag 2 nov 2012 kl 14:49 | Other | OUTFIT YESTERDAY ATHENS MARGARITA

HOCUS FOCUS be continued ;)
torsdag 1 nov 2012 kl 20:01 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT MARGARITA


is for Potencial Outfit......Do you like it? I kinda like taking photos of my outfit like a puzzle thing!! Have a great week:) Zara everything Valentino - Valentina
måndag 29 okt 2012 kl 13:44 | Other | P.O POTENCIAL OUTFIT MARGARITA COLLAGE


H&M trend knit - ZARA trousers .....
onsdag 17 okt 2012 kl 10:18 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT MARGARITA


Not match went on this weekend!.....Did you watch the live jump? This one was taken while walking my dog on sunday! Zara jacket - grey tee - and black jeans ;)
måndag 15 okt 2012 kl 19:45 | Other | SUNDAY OUTFIT NIKE MARGARITA ATHENS


One of the outfits I wore this week....The black boots and the printed pants are new from ZARA! My knit is from H&M trend! More photos coming soon :)
fredag 12 okt 2012 kl 15:34 | Other | OUTFIT COLLAGE ATHENS KNIT PRINTED PANTS


Shirts is one of my favorite things to buy.... I just love them and I can live in them for days ...:) And boots with dresses (even though I donx27t wear them a lot) and shorts! ZARA - SHIRT - BOOTS (old) JEANS SHORT - donx27t know :/
torsdag 4 okt 2012 kl 13:41 | Other | YESTERDAY OUTFIT JEANS BOOTS ATHENS


My yesterdays hocus focus.....soon the total outfit!!!!:) Goodmorning people!!!! SHIRT - ZARA JEAN SHORTS - ZARA


Total favorite!
onsdag 19 sep 2012 kl 16:49 | Other | OUTFIT LOOK OF THE DAY TOTALBLACK


Definetly thoses nike trainers are so comfortable...Does any of you have them in any crazy color mix? I think I want them in one of these .......I match them with my jeans shorts and a jean shirt! Now I realized that I kinda like the total jean outfit remember this post ? H&M shirt and backpack NI


My complete outfit....that pink blazer is really old and the only piece of cloth in pink I own.....well its not that PINK but its in the same range of color!!! :) And those loafers....I really like them... ZARA blazer - shoes - shirt H&M TREND shorts H&M tote
torsdag 13 sep 2012 kl 15:43 | Other | OUTFIT YESTERDAY ZARA H&M ATHENS MARGARITA


My hocus focus today!!! ZARA blazer ZARA shirt H&M TREND shorts H&M tote
onsdag 12 sep 2012 kl 15:18 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT ZARA H&M MARGARITA

OUTFIT is my complete outfit! I suppose that during winter time ( if winter time hits Greece ! ) I will pair those lovely jeans better but I kinda like this simple comfy look! Have a great day :) ONE TEASPOON JEANS ZARA TEE H&M TOTE


A sneak peek of my outfit today!


Barefoot ,stripes and jean shorts summer is not over yet....even though deep inside of me I want winter time to hit this town so I can wear loads of layers and coats and boots and blazers and leather jackets.....:)
tisdag 14 aug 2012 kl 13:04 | Other | TODAY OUTFIT MAGARITA STRIPES


I guess I am not the only one that loves total black outfits! This photo is from a couple of days ago from a window shopping morning with my Mum and her friends.....she is NOT AN EXPERT IN ANY KIND OF TECHNOLOGY....which sometimes its funny! This is the only proper photo she manage to take before driving me insane! Cheers Mum! :) ZARA tee + bag + flat sandals H&M shorts ...
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Having those 3 clothing things, hanging on my closet and wearing them toady if I was in an other country of course because now in Athens the only thing you can not stand is a sweater! :) Pull & Bear Camouflage Denim Shorts Blue Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket ...
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måndag 6 aug 2012 kl 16:50 | Other | OUTFIT COLLAGE CAMOUFLAGE NAVY


I am wearing..... Zara top - Billabong for Oracle fox shorts


This is my yesterdays outfit! White tee, baggy jeans shorts and flip flops, comfy when the heat is up! My necklace is from an etsy shop! HERE
fredag 29 jun 2012 kl 08:14 | Other | YESTERDAY OUTFIT WHITE ATHENS


This is what I wore today!!! I love those jeans from Zara! I just saw the underwater video!! Its different and funny!!! Stay tuned tomorrow is the day! Goodnight everyone !!! :) ...
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tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 21:00 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT ZARA JEANS MARGARITA


Last night we went for a walk at the park and them we tried to hit the movies but we didnx27t find something interesting!!! Do you have any suggestion for the next time? Everything Zara! ...
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tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 10:33 | Other | ATHENS ZARA OUTFIT SHORTS MARGARITA


Yesterday I was Dimitris assistant at a filming he had downtown , for a Greek clothing company! :) The heat was insane and the only thing I could think about was my past few days routine....the beach of course!!! I was wearing my black studded OBEY dress with my ZARA boots and bag! MY BLOGLOVIN FINNALY WORKS! ...
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fredag 15 jun 2012 kl 22:00 | Other | ATHENS YESTERDAY OUTFIT BLACK DRESS


My imaginary outfit for today!!! Here it seems that winter is back, its been raining non stop. MTWTFSS Collection Lucia Tee Orange Studded Shorts, Vintage Distressed High Waisted Denim W28 GUCCI x27minix27 bag Zadig & Voltaire By Gaia Repossi gold-plated cuff NARS x27Thakoonx27 Nail Polish Mark and James Roana - Black Leather...
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onsdag 30 maj 2012 kl 11:46 | Other | WISH WANT OUTFIT
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