ADR "Wear Coat as a Dress"

Carolines World | Piffad   20 sep 2012 19:04   by Sandra Ekenstam
Foto: Me
Foto: Me
1. Red Valentino 2. Diane Von Furstenburg 3. Cos 4. Weekday 5. The Row 6. H&M 7. Marni 8. Cos 9. Topshop 10. J.Crew

Every morning when I have that girly problem "I've got nothing to wear!", I think about Anna Dello Russo's video Fashion Shower, lesson number 8 "wear coat as a dress". It's the best solution ever. High heels and a coat with a nice belt and you are done. That's why I'm trying to spend a little extra money on outerwear because you can wear the same outfit every day and just change your jacket. Has saved me many times...
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