My tumblr

Carolines World | Sofia   15 jan 2013 23:13   by Sofia Lindberg
I have a tumblr too, where I keep most of what I consider beautiful or things i find inspirational.

Take a look:


Thursday's outfit

Carolines World | Sofia   12 jan 2013 02:05   by Sofia Lindberg
New jacket/Nowhere, Top/Mango, Skirt/Nelly trend, New shoes/Cheap Monday, Bag/Old from H&M

Nighty nighty darlings!

Preview of todays

Carolines World | Sofia   10 jan 2013 15:10   by Sofia Lindberg
(sorry for the cigarette)

From my instagram, follow me(sofiavlindberg). Thought I could give you a little sneak peek on what I wore today. I've got my new cheap monday shoes on!


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