Carolines World | Stephie   25 nov 2012 18:08   by Stephanie Rung
The best thing to do on a cold sunday: meet up with some friends and talk about last night. Thats just what I did today. Me, Angelica and Martin did some shopping, and had some applepie. Just a cozy sunday.
Now i´m of for sunday dinner with my family at B.A.R, love that restaurant!

That bag

Carolines World | Stephie   25 nov 2012 17:51   by Stephanie Rung
Does anyone know if this bag is available in Zara stores now? Need to have this bag in my life asap!


Carolines World | Stephie   22 nov 2012 18:17   by Stephanie Rung
Jacket- Acne, Tshirt- Gina Tricot, Bag- Chanel, Necklace- H&M, Watch- Marc Jacobs, Rings- This Old Dark Machine
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