Gina Tricot SS13

Carolines World | Stephie   22 nov 2012 17:35   by Stephanie Rung

Yesterday I went to Gina Tricot and checked out SS13. Lots of army inspired stuff and lots of leopard prints.
Pic 1. My beautiful friend Angelica and she is holding my favourite piece in the whole collection. Pic 2. The cute pressoffice. Pic 3. Andreas Wilson (a famous swedish actor) was there and made really good juice from Juiceverket, and I was very proud to see that he was wearing Clubs and Spades!

This day, pressday

Carolines World | Stephie   21 nov 2012 19:04   by Stephanie Rung
Jag måste börja skriva på engelska, glömmer alltid bort att jag har massor av internationella läsare nu för tiden (men det är ju bara kul!)
Idag har jag varit på Gina Tricots presskontor och spanat in SS13 kollektionen! Ni får se bilderna jag tog senare. Skulle egentligen iväg på ett event i samarbete med Bikbok, men jag är helt slut. Älskar förresten mitt halsband jag har på bilden, från H&M och jag använder det hela tiden! Puss.

Okey guys. I need to start writing in english. I always forget that i have international readers these days... Well, today I was at Gina Tricots pressoffice and checked out spring/summer 2013. I will show you the pictures I took later. Was suppose to go on an event this evening in collaboration with Bikbok, but i´m to tired (as you can see in the picture). Love my necklace by the way, I use it all the time. From H&M!


Carolines World | Stephie   20 nov 2012 21:52   by Stephanie Rung
Alltså dessa cravings på denna tavla. VAR FÅR MAN TAG PÅ DENNA?
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