Old and new friends

I was so happy to be reunited with some of my friends back in Florence - it always brings fun memories back and gets us straight into planning the fashion weeks coming up soon. This time around I met a bunch of old blogger friends like Bryan, Ingrid, Tina, Kelly, Chiara, Riccardo and Aimee. And I al

Luisa via Roma & FIRENZE4EVER

As mentioned last Saturday I went on a last minute trip to Italy for the weekend to take part in the FIRENZE4EVER jungle. I really enjoyed just hanging around, catching up with old friends and having delicious food (I had already forgotten about the insanely good food over there!). I snapped a gazillion pictures - I hope you enjoy my not so little selection above ! Unfortunately I couldnx27t stay for the dinner and party on Sunday (nor the brunch...
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Two more pictures from WOW 2012. 1. Florence + the Machine was awwwweesome. 2. Awwwwesome friend the Lob.
måndag 13 aug 2012 kl 17:04 | Friends | way out west florence + the machine friend


1. The catering guys making mozzarella knots in front of us, to have with drinks before dinner 2. Yummmmy Italian aperitivo 3. The theme of the FIRENZE4EVER party; Fashion Super Heroes 4. My new favorite spot looking over Florence; Exelsoirs rooftop bar 5. Gareth Pugh hairy bag at Luisa Via Roma - I DIE ! 6. Having aperitif before dinner 7. In the Luisa Via Roma store 8. Table setting for the dinner with mirrors - best way to serve bloggers ! h...
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Woaahh Jag hade sååå himla kul igår ! Jag kom fram till Luisa Via Romax27s butik och utanför var det VÄRLDENS folkmassa (hela vägen ut på gatan så bilarna inte kom förbi) så jag tog mina resväskor och ursäktade mig fram och när jag kom in i butiken hade jag säkert 50-60 personer att pussa, krama och catch up with. Ingen, förutom en inköpare, marknadsteamet och VD:n visste att jag skulle komma så det var verkligen en surprise :-) Och butiken ser h...
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söndag 17 jun 2012 kl 12:39 | TRAVEL | Luisa Via Roma Florence summer 2012 inspiration

Hello 30 degrees !

(Det här är ett inlägg från igår morse som jag glömde att publicera) Gårdagen bjöd på massa info och kul med jobbet ute på Havreholm Slott. Vädret var med oss så det var verkligen rätt dag att spendera där för i morse vaknade jag till ett blött och grått Köpenhamn. Men vad gör det när man åker till Italien samma dag ? :-) jag sitter nämligen på flyget dit nu ! 32 grades och sol, det låter ju inte sååå tråkigt !! :-) längtar verkligen till solen ...
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söndag 17 jun 2012 kl 10:27 | TRAVEL | Travels Copenhagen Florence summer 2012

Att lämna mycket man älskar för att göra nått man älskar mycket...

(this is my airport anthem haha) LEAVING A LOT OF WHAT YOU LOVE, TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE A LOT. Yupp. I did it. More than three years ago and now Ix27m soon back in Stockholm. Moving to Australia and then to Italy was probably my bravest and best moves Ix27ve done in my life to far. The things Ix27ve accomplished, the places Ix27ve seen, the people Ix27ve met, the opportunities Ix27ve caught, the x22what on earth was I thinking ?!x22 things Ix27ve ...
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lördag 11 feb 2012 kl 13:29 | TRAVEL | lifestyle life travel work italy stockholm florence


I just checked out from my place and called a cab to take me to the office. I accidentally brought my cordless phone from work home yesterday in my bag.. what are the chances that I do that for the first time on my last day ? Haha anyway, pitstop there and the off to the airport. This feels so strange.. I no longer live in Italy. I love this place but hey, therex27s no place like home !! Andiamoooo. Arrivederci Italia ! See you soon again ! <...
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lördag 11 feb 2012 kl 07:32 | TRAVEL | Italy Florence life lifestyle


Yepp, this is the end leading to and Entirely New Direction gals ! Today is my last day working at Luisa Via Roma. I recently resigned from my position as a Project Manager at the company and tomorrow I will be moving to Stockholm permanently. Yepp, thatx27s right. Ix27ll be based in my hometown from now on ! Pretty exciting because I havenx27t been living there for years now and I really miss it. More about what Ix27ll be doing for a living lat...
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Tonight Ix27m going out for dinner with some friends. Ix27m not going to tell you what the occasion is just yet but it will definitely be a memorable night. More news about that tomorrow my friends ! But fiiiiirst, Ix27m stopping by at M.A.C because Ix27m all of a sudden all into burgundy lipsticks. My friend Yigit who I spent the weekend with in Milan is the one whox27s got me stuck on it so I think Ix27m going to give it a try. Apparently he n...
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Can you believe itx27s already February ? It feels like we celebrated the new year just the other day right ? Right now Im about to hit the office, I slept in this morning because itx27s so damn cold !! Imagine Swedish weather (itx27s even snowing here right now) and bad isolation à la Italia.. Itx27s straight out horrible, my toes are frozen. Anyway, duty calls ! Ix27ve got two meetings planned today, one starts quite late though so I wonx27t be...
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onsdag 1 feb 2012 kl 09:12 | EVERYDAY LIFE | D&G accessories shopping Florence


The first two days of 2012 have been like day and night.. One day Ix27m in la-la-land, the next day Ix27m rushing through gates and back at the office ! Yesterday I spent half the day in our comfy bed with my man.. we did home made burgers, baked scones, raised the back rest of the bed and watched the Victorias Secret show. I never get tired of that show, I can watch it over and over for hours.. Not a bad start of the year at all, right ? And t...
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måndag 2 jan 2012 kl 22:59 | TRAVEL | Travels holiday Stockholm Florence work

Off she goes

Itx27s like this blogger lost its owner, my boyfriend lost his girlfriend and my family lost their daughter and sister.. Gosh at how busy Ix27ve been at work lately. So much fun really but I kinda miss a normal life again which doesnx27t make me fall asleep the minute I get home at night.. Whoever thinks that working in fashion is all fancy and glamorous better rethink or try walking in my shoes. Ix27m super tired now, I just finished packing, la...
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torsdag 22 dec 2011 kl 01:26 | EVERYDAY LIFE | Travel work florence

Having fun on the run

Today I was stuck at the office until 20.30, took a cab home for quick shower and change before I hit Four Season hotel for a party with lots of industry people. I have a meeting at 9.30 tomorrow morning so going to the party was a not so clever but yet fun idea. Now; sweeeet bedtime bab
onsdag 14 dec 2011 kl 01:29 | OUTFIT | Outfit nightlife Florence work


Thatx27s exactly what rain is. Unpractical. And annoying. Not at all as magical as it was in Manhattan when we had 30 degrees and the rain was just p.o.u.r.i.n.g down. Ahh memories.. There are no good rainy day outfits (or hairdos for that matter haha) so Ix27ll just put on a hoodie and jeans today
måndag 5 dec 2011 kl 08:39 | EVERYDAY LIFE | New York rain Florence


Hello mamacitas ! (Ix27m stuck on this song..) Had a real roller coaster of a start of this week yesterday, both awesome and less awesome things. My back is really being put on the spot with me sitting in the office in a bad position all day long and not really doing much exercise besides these.. I need something to really get my body moving like when I used to run and jump up and down the court playing basketball or spin around dancing salsa. I...
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tisdag 22 nov 2011 kl 08:25 | EVERYDAY LIFE | Converse training Zumba work Florence

Oh my Gucci !

A few days ago me and my partner in crime went to the newly opened Gucci museum here in Florence. The exhibition was all about Guccix27s vintage pieces and also (!) the museum has a the most amazing café library in town, probably my favorite one in Florence now, where you can read fashion and trend books, play with their iPads or just enjoy a yummie cappuccino to good music. The Gucci logo all over the place probably got a little bit too much for...
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fredag 18 nov 2011 kl 09:12 | EVERYDAY LIFE | Gucci Florence exhibition


Brr itx27s so cold ! Bitter sweet feeling. Today wex27re just gonna to relax here in Florence, Ix27m gonna show dad the best views and then wex27re (again) going to have a delicious pizza (Ix27m still on my healthy routine but making an exception or two works). Itx27s so good, Ix27ve never had a bet
söndag 16 okt 2011 kl 12:19 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit Florence love ones


Cyklandes på stan. Har ingen bil här, men vad gör det när jag har en ride som denna haha Vi två, alltså jag och min cykel Britta hänger varenda dag här i Florens. Bästa ! Outfit Jeans och top/ZARA Skor/Topshop Btw, jag har precis valt mina Louboutins. Det blev de svarta pumpsen i matt skinn men funderar på om jag ska slå till på ett till par skor från Tom Ford eller Giuseppe Zanotti också. Eller Manolo Blahnik. Får se vad jag hittar för kul på...
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fredag 30 sep 2011 kl 03:18 | EVERYDAY LIFE | bike Florence outfit shoes

Thursday in Florence; Uffizi

On Thursday we visited the Uffizi gallery. Were one can see paintings from some of the greatest renaissance painters, such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. Since Ix27m a fan of the renaissance culture and most importantly the art from that time, this was an amazing experience for me! Youx
söndag 3 jul 2011 kl 15:37 | Me | Uffizi Florence


Ix27m just about to leave my house for meeting up with some colleagues for a road trip to Milan. Omg Ix27m so tired, canx27t wait to get in the car and just sleep again ! Itx27s messed up though how I have all the clothes I want to wear now all the way back in Sweden.. Oh well - here is a video clip of the fashion bloggers event I have been organizing for the past months. Ix27m so happy it was such a great success !! ...
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Här håller jag på att maila och påminna alla gäster till FIRENZE4EVER´s galej nästa lördag om dress coden animalier och jag har inte ens själv någon aning om vad jag ska ha på mig. Tänk djurtryck (fult det blir på svenska haha !), tänk inte-för-mycket/tacky, tänk klassigt.. Here I am reminding all guests for the FIRENZE4EVER party next Saturday about the dress code animalier and I havenx27t even decided what to wear myself. Think animal prints, ...
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Bild tagen mellan plåtningarna från första upplagan av FIRENZE4EVER. Mindre än en vecka kvar nu.. hype hype hype ! Vill ni veta mer om eventet ? Klicka här ! Picture taken between the shootings during FIRENZE4EVER 1st edition. Less than a week left now.. hype hype hype ! Wanna know more about the event ? Click here ! ...
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Such a lovely day today. How I wish I lived closed than two hours away from this gorgeous place.. What were you up to this Sunday ? Riktigt underbar dag idag. Önskar verkligen jag bodde närmre än två timmar bort från det här paradiset.. Vad gjorde ni den här söndagen ?
söndag 29 maj 2011 kl 23:28 | EVERYDAY LIFE | summer beach outfit Castiglioncello Florence Tuscany


Yesterday was by far one of the best days spent in Italy. I love love love having bf here, show him around and yesterday we were invited to a friendx27s house.. sorry, mansion in Bagno a Ripoli which is a province in gorgeous Tuscany. Had some lunch, relaxed in the sun with a bunch of freshly picked fruit, played around in the pool, enjoyed the breathtaking view, popped some bubbly drinks and just took in the amazing moment. After that we just h...
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söndag 15 maj 2011 kl 10:17 | EVERYDAY LIFE | summer Toscana Florence