Wearing H&M leather slouchy pants, & Other Stories blouse, Bik Bok scarf and Sunglasses, fresh new white sneakers (helllllo spring!) and a Balenciaga bag.
onsdag 6 maj 2015 kl 19:07 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore


Wearing jeans, tee and suede jacket from Caroline Blomst, boots from Chloé, bag from Balenciaga and a scarf from Gina Tricot. Psst! Saw that Caroline has 30% off on the whole store this week, Check it out!


Ix27ve been stuck at home with the flu for the last couple of days- today is the first time I could actually manage to get out of bed and shower! So herex27s an outfit from last week, when I was feeling a lot fresher and my tan was still around - now Ix27m paler than ever! Wearing Caroline Blomst ca
lördag 7 mar 2015 kl 15:38 | outfits/looks | #Outfit look of the day what I wore

take a walk

So woke up to the first snow here in Stockholm today! Also woke up with a sore throat and runny nose so perfect day to work from home, in PJx27s and not the above outfit that I wore last week when the sun was out and streets were clean.


First- Happy Halloween!! Wearing sneakers from Zara, Jeans from Lindex, and my favorit secondhand piece- this fur that I got at a flea market in Berlin last year. For those of you whom follow me on instragram youx27ll have seen that I was at the hairdressers yesterday for a complete fix up,


Wearing H&M leather pants, & other stories shirt, zara boots and coat and gold hoops.
tisdag 28 okt 2014 kl 17:34 | outfits/looks | #Outfit #what i wore #look of the day


Wearing zara coat and shoes, hunkydory jeans, Caroline Blomst tee and belt, and a balenciaga tote.


Ix27ll admit, It was almost on the verge of being too cold to wear heels out yesterday, but luckily I spent most of my day in doors. And I Love the mix of a long coat with heels. Heels and coat from Zara, Balenciaga Bag. Photo: Madelene Billman
torsdag 23 okt 2014 kl 08:32 | outfits/looks | #outfit #details #inspiration #look of the day


A look from Paris. Wearing asos jersey flares, zara tee and bag, slip ons from åhlens and a jacket from supertrash.
onsdag 8 okt 2014 kl 13:49 | outfits/looks | #Outfit #look of the day #Paris #what I wore


Wearing blouse from zara, h&m leather shorts, zara slippers and a balenciaga bag.
tisdag 29 jul 2014 kl 02:33 | outfits/looks | #Outfit #what i wore #look of the day


So February seems to have revisited Stockholm, the weather is absolute crap, had to bring out my coat again. Wearing Caroline Blomst jeans and cashmere knit, Celine trio bag, Style by Marina coat and Minna Parikka bunny loafers.
tisdag 24 jun 2014 kl 08:16 | outfits/looks | #Outfit #look of the day #what I wore


This i what i looked like on Saturday when we had some guests over for dinner. Half a tonne of tassels- this top weighs!! Finally decided to get it when it was makred down 50%- a great piece for my styling closet. Wearing H&M Paris collection top, Zara skirt, H&M Mules.

birthday outfit

Friday was my birthday and this is what I wore out to lunch before jumping in a bikini and spending the afternoon in a heated pool with a view over stockholm. I had a fantastic birthday spent with my favorite people and lucky me got so many nice gifts- will show you in a later post. Wearing Carol
söndag 30 mar 2014 kl 08:45 | outfits/looks | #outfit #what i wore #look of the day

happily ever after

Saturdayx27s outfit- fit for a wedding. This is the second time Ix27ve worn this one to a wedding in the last couple of months- but itx27s perfect for the winter wedding weather. Dress from H&M Trend. It was such a fun night, and to top it off i caught the Bouquet.
måndag 10 feb 2014 kl 16:22 | outfits/looks | #outfit #what i wore #look of the day #outfit

standard uniform

Havaiana flip flops, Mavi jeanskirt, Alexander Wang top and Céline trio bag has become my standard look down here. May swap that skirt up for a pair of shorts- and change bikini underneath but otherwise itx27s pretty much the same look day in day out.
söndag 29 dec 2013 kl 10:32 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore

Merry X-mas!

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas! Wearing dress from Asos- available here.
onsdag 25 dec 2013 kl 01:51 | outfits/looks | #outfit #what i wore #look of the day #outfit


Wearing knot dress from Zara, Prada sandals (available in another color here), and vintage earrings. This i s what i wore saturday for my 10 year high school reunion which we had up at the Octave rooftop bar at the Marriot- stunning place- if in Bangkok and looking for a rooftop thats the place to visit!! It was crazy chilly however up on the 48th floor since the weather in bangkok has been a mere 16-19° C at night but either way it was so go...
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tisdag 24 dec 2013 kl 02:18 | outfits/looks | #outfit #what wore #look of the day


Yesterdayx27s comfy casual in hoodie Isabel Marant pour H&M, Caroline Blomst jeans, Topshop brogues, Zara coat and YSL bag.
torsdag 21 nov 2013 kl 15:08 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore


Wearing Caroline Blomst jeans, Zara blouse, Guiseppe Zanotti boots, a peacoat from Gant and Celine bag. P.S. Prag- what an amazing place! A city fit for Disney fairytales- I am completely smitten!
måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 09:43 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore


Wearing trousers from Zara, Acne wool knit (menx27s departement), Scarosso heels, Lindex scarf and sunglasses from Saint Laurent at Nathalie Schuterman.
söndag 13 okt 2013 kl 01:20 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore #outfit


Wearing H&M leather pants, Ralph Lauren shirt, Lindex scarf, and Scarosso heels.

at the office

Wearing H&M trousers, Caroline Blomst cashmere knit and peacoat, Céline pumps and Story by Kranz & Zeigler rings.


Wearing Asos dress, Notabene boots and Ray Ban sunnies.


Wearing jeans from Caroline Blomst, Gina Tricot knit, Céline boots, Saint Laurent sunnies and Sophie by Sophie bracelet.

the other day

Wearing Zara skirt, Caroline Blomst cashmere knit. Céline trapeze, Urban Outfitters heels. My life is upside down right now! I canx27t stand being in my apartement- there is construction dust everywhere- no matter how much i vaccum, or mop the floors- the workers get here at 7:30am and stay till 18. I have three tv productions right now, a charity gala, five upcoming photoshoots within the next few weeks- 2 shoots next week, and inbetween th...
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This is what I wore last night to the Chic Gala. Vintage dress (isnx27t it amazing- love the print), Caroline Blomst leather jacket and Zara heels. Thanks to Chic for a great evening!
fredag 13 sep 2013 kl 19:37 | allure/beauty | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore

look of the day

Wearing Caroline Blomst jeans, tee and fur, Topshop heels and Celine tote. My work situation right now is quite crazy, I hardly have a minute to breath and as if I havenx27t gotten myself into enough projects, I am also in the midst of renovating my kitchen, no need to explain the chaos that is my apartment right now. But it will all be worthwhile once itx27s done. But the best news today that brightened every second of my day is that my bes...
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tisdag 10 sep 2013 kl 19:39 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #inspiration


The other day, wearing pencil skirt from Zara, Cubus shirt, heels from Elizabeth & James and Saint Laurent sunnies at Nathalie Schuterman.
lördag 7 sep 2013 kl 08:10 | outfits/looks | #outfit #look of the day #what i wore


Wearing Dolce & Gabbana dress/ Nathalie Schuterman, Prada plexi heels, Caroline Blomst leather jacket and Saint Laurent sunnies


Wearing Caroline Blomst jeans and leather jacket (Finally you can shop it here now!), leopard knit from FWSS/Nathalie Schuterman, Zara ballet flats, and Céline Trapeze bag
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