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I am longing for pleats and found these on Weekday the other day, as well as a super nice pleated top I couldnx27t find on their website. Dress from Cheap Monday and pants and top from MTWTFSS Weekday. The fabrics really feels so luxurious. You will definitely see me in pleats for summer.
söndag 1 feb 2015 kl 07:00 | I want | pleats weekday i want cheap monday mtwtfss


Köpte med mig tre perfekta tshirtar från Weekday i helgen. Den heter x22original teex22, är i 100% modal och kostar 100 spänn styck. Älskart! _____ Bought these three perfect tshirts from Weekday last weekend. Theyx27re named x22original teex22, are made of 100% modal and costs 100 SEK each. Love
tisdag 29 apr 2014 kl 07:31 | New in | new in shopping weekday tshirt


Omg look what I just found on! I haaave to try you on today.
måndag 13 maj 2013 kl 08:14 | I want | dungaree weekday MTWTFSS i want

Preview of todays

(sorry for the cigarette) From my instagram, follow me(sofiavlindberg). Thought I could give you a little sneak peek on what I wore today. Ix27ve got my new cheap monday shoes on! HAVE A NICE DAY xx
torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 15:10 | Outfit | outfit weekday new shoes

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight:) Amanda Båhlström
måndag 31 dec 2012 kl 15:34 | Me | me weekday


Allt är second hand, förutom jackan som är från weekday. _ Everything is vintage, except the jacket which is from weekday.
onsdag 19 dec 2012 kl 22:12 | Outfit | Outfit Weekday Winter Me

New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage

f**k off

Canx27t wait to get my hands on this college sweater from Weekday (mens section) when it lands in stores in the beginning of january. Now Ix27m gonna check out, tomorrow is my first saturday off in 9 weeks! Happy Weekend yax27ll!
fredag 26 okt 2012 kl 18:36 | allure/beauty | wishlist wanted inspiration weekday


So, my school has started again(or it started yesterday). Had the longest summer break of my life, haha. Anywho, just thought Ix27d write and say hi! My business marketing lecture Ix27ve had for the past 2,5 hours is starting to get boring!
torsdag 6 sep 2012 kl 18:38 | Me | me weekday


Tre accessoarer jag definitivt inte skulle tacka nej till i höst: Kamelhårsmössa från Mulberry / mini-ring från Weekdays designersamarbete med Sophie Bille Brahe (den ska alltså sitta långt upp på fingret...) / Armband från Anine Bing. _____ Three accessories I definately wouldnx27t say no to this fall: Camer hair hat from Mulberry / mini ring from Weekdays designer collaboration with Sophie Bille Brahe (the ring is suppose to sit on the t...
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Goddagens kamrater. I tisdags var jag på anställningsintervju för att få jobba som Visual merchandiser på H&M och idag fick jag reda på att jag kommit in. SÅ HIMLA SKOJ!!!!! Som belöning till mig själv shoppade jag lite saker. Vill ni se vad? _____ God day homies! This tuesday, I went to a job interview to work as a Visual merchandiser at H&M, and today I found out that I got in. SO MUCH FUN!!! I treated myself with some shopping as a reward. W...
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fredag 24 aug 2012 kl 17:26 | New in | new job visual merchandiser shopping hm monki weekday

golden baby

Tan from Laguna Beach (lol), bracelets from 1. Luxury Details (the one with the skull) 2. a gift from my parents 3. Melrose Trading Post market in LA and Essy nailpolish fixed here in Laguna Beach at a salon called Ocean Nails. Yesterday I started the day with a power walk followed by massage, mani- and pedicure. Such a great start of a day - vacation at its best! I know I havnx27t told you that much about this trip, but I promise I will when I...
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onsdag 8 aug 2012 kl 12:00 | Accessories | accessories style trip weekday me

floating on clouds

Greetings from Laguna Beach xx
måndag 6 aug 2012 kl 02:20 | Photography | photography trip weekday me

hit the road

Highway one from San Fransisco - LA/Laguna Beach. San Fransisco x Carmel x Morro Bay x Santa Monica Los Angeles Laguna Beach Update! Dress from Indiska, second hand belt and blazer from Acne + converse
onsdag 1 aug 2012 kl 09:30 | Photography | trip weekday photography other

workin' 9 to 5

Hello sunday! Here are pictures from a job I did this friday. It was for a german eyewear brand. Have been working with loads of germans lately, haha... But over all I think Ix27m kind of bad at update you about my work. Is it something you like to see more of here on the blog or should I skip it? In fact, what kind of posts do you prefer? I think I need your opinion here... Now Ix27m on the swedish west coast at a friendx27s summer house. Feels...
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söndag 22 jul 2012 kl 13:13 | Model | model weekday weekday me other trip

life is good

This is what Ix27ve been up to lately. Ix27ve been a bad blogger (oops! that seems to happen a bit too often nowadays..) but Ix27ve been to busy enjoying life! Well, as the title of this post says - life is good right now!
tisdag 17 jul 2012 kl 14:30 | Weekday | photo diary trip weekday weekend instagram model me other

healthy snack

This is what Ix27m having for breakfast while Ix27m writing this post - a homemade cottage cheese mix. I think it is the perfect breakfast or snack. It is healthy, tasty and saturating at the same time and the raisins + raspberries that I used in this mix (you can use whatever you like to) supress sugar cravings. I thought you guys would appreciate a post like this. You always seem so curious about food and training so herex27s a little tip. In ...
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tisdag 17 jul 2012 kl 10:58 | Other | food tips weekday me other

the other day

Bad updating, I know. Ix27ve just been too busy working and enjoying the beautiful weather the moments Ix27ve been free. Ix27m sorry, but this has actually been a great x22working weekx22 for me for being in Sweden - have done 3 shoots and now Ix27m on my way to a 4th one. In 2 weeks Ix27ve got a really nice option request for a well known brand and I really do hope to get that job. Cross your fingers for me that the luck continues! All picture...
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söndag 8 jul 2012 kl 13:58 | Photography | me weekday photograpy photo diary


This is how I look today. Ix27m wearing a dress with the most beautiful back from Carin Wester paired with a second hand belt. Perfect for this sunny day. Now Ix27m off to a picknick with friends. Enjoy the sun today guys!
tisdag 3 jul 2012 kl 11:40 | Today's outfit | outfit clothes me weekday photography

and it was awesome

Here are more pictures from Sao Paulo. Wow, these makes me wanna go back so much. It was such a cool city. Wish we could have stayed a bit longer though, but I guess I canx27t complain. Ix27m so happy to have the opportunity to travel as much as I do and especially together with my friends! I love it! Travelling is for sure one of the best things I know - donx27t you agree? From left to right- 1. The roof of our hotel. So nice! 2. Me having fres...
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fredag 29 jun 2012 kl 16:07 | Photography | photo diary trip weekday weekend

thuesday me

This is what I wore this boring, rainy thuesday (yes Ix27m a little grumpy today, haha)- Trench and pants from Acne, an unknown shirt and loafers from Zara. ...see u tomorrow instead!
tisdag 26 jun 2012 kl 23:05 | Today's outfit | outfit clothes weekday me

at the hotel

torsdag 14 jun 2012 kl 17:00 | Photography | me trip weekday photography other

free fallin'

Ix27m home from Mallorca - now off to work - tomorrow itx27s time for a new trip
måndag 11 jun 2012 kl 09:00 | Accessories | photo diary trip weekday me

¿cómo estás?

Click click click! Wishes from Sóller, Mallorca
fredag 8 jun 2012 kl 11:42 | Weekend | trip weekend weekday me outfit clothes


So! I rarely get a chance to blog during the days nowadays...apparently...anyways, herex27s some of my latest instagram photos. Or well, some may be a week old or so :) from the top row, left side: Ph 1: relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, unfortunately that weather is no longer with us... Ph2: Ix27m planning on taking my drivers license this summer! So Ix27ve started x22studyingx22 and had my first lesson yesterday :) Ph3: me and my frie...
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onsdag 6 jun 2012 kl 02:28 | Me | Me weekday photo

in a minute...

...Ix27m here!
tisdag 5 jun 2012 kl 10:27 | Weekend | trip weekend weekday me

2 instaweeks

1. 2. 3. Work work work 4. 5. 6. Powerwalks with Eddie, myself and Matilda 7. 8. 9. Outfits 10. Hang out with friends in the sun (when it was sunny........) 11. Breakfast 12. Visited the Cornelia studio Follow me on Instagram for more daily updates: carolina_sundstrom
söndag 3 jun 2012 kl 18:04 | Accessories | photo diary weekday weekend me

24th of May

Had the day off today! So I went into town with my dad and looked for a birthday gift to me (My birthday is in 3 weeks but my dad loves to be ready in good time, haha). Oh, and this year I wished for a pair of Rayban Aviators so I had to tag along to try them on :) I love them! And I also found a really nice cap! Ix27ve been obsessed with the thought of buying one since I was in Barcelona and saw a bunch of cool people wearing caps :) Btw, yo...
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torsdag 24 maj 2012 kl 18:01 | Fashion | Me weekday shopping


Visited the hairdresser this monday and cut off 15(!) centimeters. Feels great to finally have fresh hair again. It was so damn worn... As you probably have understood Ix27ve got pretty much to do these days and thatx27s why the blog has suffered and will suffer for a while to come. In the near fut
onsdag 16 maj 2012 kl 16:56 | Me | me beauty weekday
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