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In Toteme

Wearing my stunning Totême coat.
torsdag 12 mar 2015 kl 08:00 | Me | toteme, totême, nyc, london, black, coat, the chelsea coat


Went to London for three days this week to attend my brotherx27s master graduation ceremony! He studied MSc in energy, trance and finance at Cass so we joined the celebration in Barbican and went off for dinner at Boundary rooftop restaurant. During our days in London we ate at The Princess of Shoreditch, The Jugged Hare and Albion. We also went for nice cocktails at hidden speakeasies and walked around, Hampsted Heath, Oxford Circus and Shored...
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fredag 30 jan 2015 kl 18:08 | Other | london, shoreditch, brother, yay, food, restaurant, black white


Last weekend when the super awesome Amanda and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Too bad this weekend offered sucky weather but Ix27ve been to Guggenheim, Rudd and Daughters, Uniqlo, Laduree, Pepe Rosso Social, Waverly Inn and Century 21 so I am happy. And now I am off to Sunday Dinner at Café Select and after I will make a stop at Whole Foodx27s - heavenx27s grocery market which I will to the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a good weekend as...
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måndag 3 nov 2014 kl 00:42 | Other | new york, brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, black white, manhattan

3 items by Acne

Give me: Heart Satin Dark Brown Trousers Acne Noir Jet Jeans Meta Black Oversized Shearling Jacket
onsdag 3 sep 2014 kl 16:12 | I want | acne, i want, inspiration, black, trousers, jacket, jeans

By Bruce Weber

GIANNI VERSACE - A Family Album photographed by Bruce Weber 1996/x2797 Take a look at every detail. Itx27s so perfect. source

june 19

American Apparel top, Ginatricot jacket, Nike shoes and H&M shorts.
onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 16:06 | Me | me, west coast, outfit, black

Midsummer Outfit

New black singoalla top from Ginatricot, H&M Conscious Collection and Ann Demeulemeester boots. And OFC some flowers in da hair. xoxo flower queen jo
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 01:36 | Me | me, flowers, black, outfit, midsummer, midsommar, summer

Zara May 2

ok... i guess this is more what I would go for.. :)
måndag 19 maj 2014 kl 11:31 | Inspiration | zara, inspiration, black, may

Williamsburg flowers

Found some nice white flower trees in Williamsburg 8)
torsdag 24 apr 2014 kl 07:38 | Me | me, fluffy, H&M, williamsburg, black, new york

Bedford St/Bleecker St

Loved the streets around Bleecker St in West Village! They are soo cuteeee
onsdag 23 apr 2014 kl 10:53 | Me | me, new york, outfit, black, happy

Bye Sunday

This Sunday was soooo nice! Hope you had a great day too. Picture of my little day will be published eventually... Now Ix27m gonna go buy fooooood, om nom.
söndag 30 mar 2014 kl 21:55 | Me | me, sunday, sunset, black

I skogen

Jojo in the woods
måndag 17 mar 2014 kl 17:11 | Me | Me, black, woods, weekend, road trip


Jag kl 08:00 imorse i mitt lilla Gbg!!!! Börjar bli fint nu när våren kömmmmer. This morning! In new H&M Trend dress, H&M Trend fluffy jacket and Ann Demeulemeester boots!
torsdag 6 mar 2014 kl 19:03 | Me | ann demeulemeester, boots, outfit, fluffy, black, göteborg, me

FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Ann Demeulemeester

Well let me bring you more awesomeness: Ann Demeulemeester. Ofc a favorite.


fredag 21 feb 2014 kl 11:40 | Inspiration | details, inspiration, tumblr, randoms, white, black, black white


Freezing to death in Sweden at the moment, therefor I wore my brothers lambs wool Ralph Lauren sweater, H&M hoodie and my BLK DNM leather jacket.. New shoes on as well!!
tisdag 21 jan 2014 kl 17:53 | Me | me, blk dnm, black white, jeffrey campbell, ralph lauren, beanie, skirt


Hiiiiiiiii from a fitting room.
måndag 13 jan 2014 kl 11:40 | Me | Me, hm, black, yo


Hung out in a chair at Yaki-Da yesterday woho
lördag 11 jan 2014 kl 12:21 | Me | Me, yaki-da, party, black


onsdag 8 jan 2014 kl 13:28 | Inspiration | inspiration, black white, editorial


Bought this awesome dress from Zara Studio for new years eve. it is dreeeeeeeeeeeeamy HAPPY NEW YEAR BTW
onsdag 1 jan 2014 kl 18:39 | New in | dress, zara, zara studio, black, party

Acne canada

Bought myself an early christmas gift, the Acne canada scarf in black ofc. Been lockig for the right scarf in either cashmere or wool and decided that this one in lambwool was the one I likes the most.
måndag 23 dec 2013 kl 15:04 | New in | New in, acne studios, scarf black

Calvin klein 98

Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 1998 - Audrey Marnay & Carolyn Murphy
söndag 15 dec 2013 kl 16:27 | Inspiration | calkvin klein, campaign, black white


One more throwback! From July in London!!!! Ran around in London, 190 cm tall in 32 degrees. It was soo haaaawt.
tisdag 10 dec 2013 kl 10:01 | Me | me, london, summer, throw back, black, balenciaga


onsdag 20 nov 2013 kl 22:23 | Me | me, black, vans

november 18th

I love this short sleeved shirt from H&M Man in leo denim 8-)
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 18:13 | Me | me, leo, denim, black, dr martens, outfit


New black Gina shirt!
lördag 16 nov 2013 kl 10:12 | Me | Me, all black everything, balenciaga

The Lean season

Christy Turlington in x22The Lean Seasonx22 photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Harperx27s Bazaar, October 1995. I wan to wear this. Especially the net stockings in ballerinas and the last picture to the left, all black everything ya knooow
måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 16:32 | Inspiration | All black everything, editorial, inspiration


Yet again an editorial with Christy from the last century. And yet again I waaaant there clothes! Perfect styling. Model: Christy Turlington Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

for tomorrow

My inspiration for tomorrows outfit! LOOVE Valentino.
måndag 14 okt 2013 kl 22:50 | Inspiration | me, valentino, aw13, black

October fifth

Been studying all day and then I went to Butcherx27s Market to eat the amazing burgers again. In my new shoes from Zara, jeans from BLK DNM, BLK DNM leather jacket, Balenciaga bag.
lördag 5 okt 2013 kl 20:33 | Me | All black everything, outfit, me
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