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I hate to admit it but I am often quite bad at eating lunch, i tend to skip it if Ix27m stuck at the office or production, and if Ix27m running around town pulling clothes Ix27ll eat an apple or nuts on the go. But i do love breakfast! My morning nespresso and hard bread or finn crisp with seasalt butter and mushed avocado on top is ritual. So I got super happy when this delivery made its way to my office the other day- a box full of Finn Crisp...
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fredag 18 jul 2014 kl 08:57 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen


Efter våran långa härliga dag på Österlen i måndags var vi hemma och gjorde ett ombyte i rekordfart. Sminkade mig på 1 minut, drog bak saltvattensrufset i en lös knut och slängde på mig min nya klänning från Stories. Efter det hoppade vi på varsin cykel och tog oss in till Meat där saknade Yasha och Victor väntade. Det blev en finfin middag och massor av catch up och skratt. Som jag längtat efter dessa härliga! <3 _____ After our long, l...
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måndag 14 jul 2014 kl 20:21 | Uncategorized | meat restaurant lund food


I love to have una melona for breakfast here in Spain!
fredag 4 jul 2014 kl 13:18 | Other | melon breakfast food summer spain


I söndags överraskade jag Joakim med ett besök på Moon thai. Spexade till det och bokade deras x22love hutx22. Så extremt god mat (min rekommendation är deras x22hot panx22 med biff) och härlig atmosfär - känns verkligen som man är i Thailand. Har ni inte varit där kan jag lova att det är väl värt ett besök. _____ Last sunday I surprised Joakim with dinner on Moon thai. I booked their x22love hutx22 just because I thought it was fun. We ate ex...
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torsdag 3 jul 2014 kl 10:32 | Our days | moon thai food outfit

friday 27

Having the best vacation here in Spain! After a supernice breakfast we went to restaurant Picasso in Marbella where I ate a taaaasty risotto.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 18:28 | Other | me marbella food vacation summer

Grape fruit

måndag 9 jun 2014 kl 08:58 | I want | snack food grape fruit i want


Today Ix27m on my third day detoxing. Ix27m skipping all dairy, carbs, sugar, caffeine and of course alcohol. Instead Ix27m eating greens, more greens, nuts and a little bit of fruit- and trying to mainly stick to raw- but tonight I think i may have some quinoa. Ix27ve been Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas from Pukka. Itx27s crazy what a headache and how tired you feel when you donx27t get your daily dose of coffee, sunday (my first d...
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tisdag 6 maj 2014 kl 09:00 | lifestyle | lifestyle food detox raw

W I L L I A M S B U R G 2

In Williamsburg we went to Mast Brothers to buy some chocolate, we went to Brooklyn Art Library to watch the old sketchbooks, we went to Fushimi and ate the best sushi and we walked around for an hour our two.
tisdag 29 apr 2014 kl 00:07 | Other | new york williamsburg travel sushi food me brooklyn


We went to Chelsea Market which is a urban food court located by 9th Ave/15th St. The building is where Oreox27s fist was invented but now itx27s a greaaaaat place to find nice fast food and food to buy. We had some mexican food and bought tea and nuts and CORN, which Ix27m addicted to and eating
onsdag 23 apr 2014 kl 19:14 | Other | Chelsea Chelsea Market New york food

schiller's liquor bar

Had a late lunch at Schillerx27s Liquor Bar at the corner of Rivington St and Norfolk St in East Village. It was a super cool place you should visit if you go to New York dudes.
onsdag 23 apr 2014 kl 07:08 | Other | schiller's liquor bar new york food travel lunch eat


Godmorgon fina vänner. Här är det fortfarande ganska krassligt. Doktorn sa att denna hostan kan stanna i upp till 18 dagar. Jo man tackar. Men jag har fått hostmedicin så det skall nog gå bra! Vi gick upp tidigt och promenerade till Alvar och Ivar och köpte gott surdegsbröd. Så nu tänker vi sitta här framför längdskidåkningen och äta frukost i ett par timmar. Så mysigt! Hur spenderar ni er lördagmorgon? :) _____ Good morning friends! Ix27m ...
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lördag 22 feb 2014 kl 10:38 | Health | good morning breakfast food


Godmorgon mina vänner. Igår lagade vi samma mat som på nyår.. En pulled pork-variant som kokas med coca cola. Carnitas kallas det, och det är så otroligt jäkla gott så jag var bara tvungen att dela med mig (Yasha du skulle förmodligen älska detta!). Receptet hittar du här, och vi gjorde då Carnitas, mango & habanerosalsa och guacamolen. MUMS MUMS MUMS! Nu: Skall strax gå en promenad i snön med familjens vovve som vi passar. Sedan kommer mina f...
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söndag 19 jan 2014 kl 09:06 | Uncategorized | mex food love

hook up

Ix27ve gotten two new hook ups over here. The first is Chuka Wakame or seaweed salad. Nom Nom Nom, I could eat a kilo a day. The second is Bikram Yoga- I try to go to a 2hr class every other day. Today I started the day at 7:30 with a walk to the yoga studio accompanied by a 2hr class. Ix27m really noticing better strengh in my lower back which has been troubling me for quite awhile due to the amount of heavy carrying/lifting I do work wise...
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torsdag 16 jan 2014 kl 04:40 | lifestyle | lifestyle training food yoga


Pictures from London last month. Brick Lane, Portobello Road, Notting Hill, Hyde Park, Regent Street, macarons from Ladurée, Harrods, Liberty and sourdough pizza and burrata cheese at Franco Manca, probably the best pizza Ix27ve ever eaten.
onsdag 1 jan 2014 kl 23:12 | Other | london notting hill pizza food macarons ladurée

bon appetit!

Last night my girlfriend and I couldnx27t really decided what to eat so we decided to cook eveything we like, you know- when in doubt. Ended up making 3 starters and a main course. We had dates wrapped in bacon (the perfect mix of sweet and salty), then we cooked artichoke hearts with a herb & lime butter, and for our final starter I made the Thai Moules from the other night again- since it was such perfection last time. And then we felt like...
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lördag 7 dec 2013 kl 19:53 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen

thai moules

I hardly post recipes here, but I love to cook and have people over for dinner. Last night I made these Thai style baked mussels (those of you following me on instagram will have seen a sneak! @isabellehawi) and they were so so good I thought I had to share the recipe! Youx27ll need: 1kg Blue Mussels Ginger 4-6 Thai Chilis 5 Garlic cloves Coriander Thai Basil 1 Lime Sesame oil Fish Sauce Butter Water Rice Wine Clean the mussles, discarding an...
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torsdag 5 dec 2013 kl 10:17 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen

Thursday in London

Well, thursday in London. Had to go to Shake Shack directly since Ix27ve been longing like forever to once try their burgers and fries!! I chose the dubble cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and bacon, cheese fries and a peanut butter shake It was one of the most amazing things Ix27ve ever eaten.

sushi yama

Annie and I went to Sushi Yama in Gotherburg yesterday, it was awesome.
onsdag 25 sep 2013 kl 17:30 | Other | me annie sushi food

15 augusti

On my birthday we hung out at Söder in the morning and then we went to eat lunch at Riche (my first beer hihi) before the Caroline Blomst-event!
lördag 24 aug 2013 kl 13:38 | Other | me annie birthday riche food


Wex27re just not on a diet.
onsdag 21 aug 2013 kl 07:23 | Friends | me alz hamburger burger max food


Igår firade vi semester med burgare på relativt nya Burgersson i Linné. Vi drack varsitt glas rött och åt burgare med avokado, koriander, lime, vitlök och chili. Tyvärr slog inte burgarna de på x22Meatx22 i Lund, men det var fortfarande riktigt gott och schysst miljö. Vi kommer definitivt gå tillbaka! :) Nu: Packa väskorna och starta semestern! _____ Yesterday we celebrated going on vacation with some burgers at x22Burgerssonx22 in Linné. We...
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lördag 27 jul 2013 kl 09:35 | Our days | burgers linné burgersson food our days


It was rainy all wednesday almost.. When it stopped Madde and I went to eat tapas and drink sangria on Bondegatan!
fredag 12 jul 2013 kl 17:01 | Friends | me madde tapas food stockholm

comerc 24

We had an incredible dinner the last night in Barcelona at Michelin starred restaurant Comerc24. I donx27t usually write about food but to be honest its one of the top things Ix27m passionate about next to travelling and art/style. I think I may have to claim it to be one of the top three restaura
tisdag 30 apr 2013 kl 19:08 | lifestyle | recipe lifestyle barcelona travels food

PIZZA + WINE 21:51

Tjingeling! I lördags kväll tog vi en paus från målande och inredning. Vi köpte stenugnsbakad pizza, tog varsitt glas Pata negra (rekommenderas!) och njöt av solnedgången från mina föräldrars uterum. Väldigt gott och mysigt! _____ Hey there. This sunday we took a break from painting and interior. We bought stone oven baked pizzas and took a glass of the lovely red wine Pata negra and then we enjoyed it watching the sunrise. Really tasty and co...
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måndag 15 apr 2013 kl 21:05 | Our days | pizza patanegra wine dinner food

Beijing 8

Ett annat matställe jag kan tipsa om, om ni bor i Göteborg då (eller det kanske finns i andra städer med?), är iaf Beijing 8 på Magasinsgatan! Dumplingsställe med sjukt goda edamamebönor! Sjögräset och de friterade dumplingsarna var också gööttt. Annie and I went to a new dumplings restaurant in Go
onsdag 3 apr 2013 kl 20:35 | Other | me annie food dumplings beijing 8

Burger joint

In London my brother and I went to Tommix27s Burger Joint to eat BURGERS. It truly was amazing. You should really eat there if youx27re going to London, OR try Meatliqour. Both places are located close to Bond Street Station!
onsdag 3 apr 2013 kl 16:31 | Other | burger food dinner london


Last saturday morning Victor, Annie and I took a walk to the new café Way Cup on Järntorget in Gothenburg for a breakfast. It was really a pre-spring day with the sun. Me gusta.
tisdag 26 feb 2013 kl 14:10 | Friends | me way cup breakfast food

With my mom @: + Pigalle JAZZ restaurant +

Nu är min mamma hemma i Sverige igen sedan en tid tillbaka... Men när hon anlände i Kapstaden för att hälsa på mig, tog jag ut henne på det här stället - x27Pigalle Jazz Restaurantx27 :) Helt FANTASTISK mat och vacker musik...! ENGLISH! Now my mom is home in Sweden again since some time back... But when she arrived in Cape Town to visit me, I took her out to this place - x27Pigalle Jazz Restaurantx27 :) Totally AMAZING food and beautiful mu...
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söndag 3 feb 2013 kl 08:20 | Everyday life abroad | life portrait cape town trips food

@ the food market: + OLD BISCUIT MILL +

Bilder från en underbar dag på matmarknaden x27Old Biscuit Millx27 (!) ... Min mamma åkte hem till Sverige igår...... Känner mig så ledsen :( Snart svarar jag på frågorna från frågestunden... Jag behöver fortfarande lite mer tid, också nu efter min mamma åkte. Idag ska jag iväg på en casting för Elle (!) ... Dags att sätta på sig ett leende :) Hörs senare... ENGLISH! Photos from a wonderful day spent at the food market x27Old Biscuit Millx27...
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Dinner @: + MAMA AFRICA +

Jag var och åt middag med min mamma på x27MAMA AFRICAx27 vid Long Street... Vilken ställe...!!! Afrikans mat :) Både jag och min mamma beställde blandtallriken med krokodil, struts och springbock...... :D ENGLISH! I went for dinner with my mom at x27MAMA AFRICAx27 by Long Street... What a place...!!! African food :) Both me and my mom ordered the mix plate with crocodile, ostrich and springbok...... :D Follow me on Facebook - Twitter - B...
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fredag 11 jan 2013 kl 08:35 | Everyday life abroad | life portrait cape town trips food
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