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The Chloé was nice as well. Loved all the leather pieces, especially the pants. AND that red jacket!!!! Omg.
söndag 2 mar 2014 kl 17:06 | Fashion News | chloé show paris mbfw inspiration

FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Ann Demeulemeester

Well let me bring you more awesomeness: Ann Demeulemeester. Ofc a favorite.


Kiiilllll meeeee. Where has Yang Li been all my life? Why havenx27t I noticed this amazing designer? My gooood, this is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Guy Laroche

Marcel Marongiu made som great looks for Guy Laroche!

THAT blue

Ix27m in love with this look. That jacket is so perfect and the leather looks soooo nice. The make up is stunning and for some reason I really want to find something in that strange blue color.
fredag 28 feb 2014 kl 09:11 | I want | blue suki inspiration i want suki waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse

Right now Ix27m very inspired by and jealous of the british model Suki Waterhouse! She is so coool. Love her style and Bradly Cooper is her boyfriend.... She matches all her clothes so good and every look is different. She is also going for some vintage looks at times which makes her even cooler. A
torsdag 27 feb 2014 kl 19:22 | Inspiration | suki waterhouse suki model inspiration style


Love this dress. Thinking of buying it for the summer.
onsdag 26 feb 2014 kl 01:51 | I want | dress zara i want PIQUÉ inspiration white

a getaway

I need a getaway. Det är en väldigt fartfylld period för mig nu. Jag har väldigt mycket i skolan, runt skolan och tankar om framtiden vilket gör varje dag lite jobbigare och just nu vill jag inget annat än dra iväg någonstans och bara vara, helst helt ensam. Tyvärr är det dock inget jag kan x22spri
tisdag 25 feb 2014 kl 21:24 | I want | getaway vacation inspiration thinking thoughts tankar



FEB 20

torsdag 20 feb 2014 kl 22:09 | Inspiration | tumbkr inspiration details


Morning coffee from this tumblr Thanks for sharing some tumblrs btw! Youx27re the best! New fresh inspo. - - - AND....... Bitches please help my friend JON STÅLHAMMAR and click on x22Röstax22 on this site: and please do it now! Wou
tisdag 18 feb 2014 kl 20:48 | Friends | tumblr vote please inspiration coffee

FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Ostwald Helgason

Love these looks from Ostwald Helgason. Fun materials and great shapes.


Tibi Fall was nice as well! Great materials and styling. Especially the first look.
lördag 15 feb 2014 kl 17:24 | Inspiration | FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Tibi inspiration


Well well well well well. This was the nicest show Ix27ve seen in a while. I would love to wear almost all looks. The materials, shapes, cuts, the bags, the maxi dresses!! And I will have to buy shoes like this and wear it with similar socks. I would say that Mary-Kate and Ashley made their strong
lördag 15 feb 2014 kl 11:25 | Inspiration | FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR The Row inspiration

FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Michael Kors

Hooow cooozy outfiiit! Would love to be wearing this.
fredag 14 feb 2014 kl 19:13 | Inspiration | FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR Michael Kors inspiration


This is what i made for lunch yesterday! Sweet potato fries, broccoli, hummus, edamame beans and some salad! Yuuuuum.
fredag 14 feb 2014 kl 10:34 | I want | Food salad lunch eat inspiration

Your favorite tumblrs?

Do you have any favorite tumblrs to share? My favorites: COME ON SHARE WITH ME GUYS<3...
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torsdag 13 feb 2014 kl 14:39 | I want | tumblr inspiration favorite

that blue

This is the color Ix27m looking for right now! I bought a nice x22hardx22 denim shirt from Zara in this color but it didnx27t fit me good but I will continue on looking for this blue.
onsdag 12 feb 2014 kl 12:56 | I want | blue i want inspiration


tisdag 11 feb 2014 kl 21:44 | Inspiration | tumblr water palmtrees inspiration

ear piercing

I pierced my ear two weeks ago! Yay. Ix27ve been planning to do it for three or four years and finally my friends forced me to do it haha. My friend Hedvig did it as well. Herex27s some inspiration for my future ear bling, I just have to let it heel for another two months or so.....
fredag 7 feb 2014 kl 08:46 | Inspiration | daria piercing earring inspiration collage

on my mind

Lately Ix27ve only wanted to wear and style others in mid length skirts, with volume and weight- the type of skirts you can swirl in and feel elegant in. My eyes turn into an emoji with two hearts when I saw this one from Givenchy- indigo, denim, ruffles and the perfect mid lenght. I would pair i
fredag 7 feb 2014 kl 08:16 | designer favorites | givenchy in store inspiration skirt

Instagram: Johannafalkenby

My instagram
söndag 2 feb 2014 kl 12:46 | Other | Instagram inspiration me

cotton candy

Best shoe investment for spring? These cotton candy pink boots from Zara. Itx27s gonna be a pastel spring.
söndag 2 feb 2014 kl 10:08 | best of budget | in store inspiration shoes zara


Gillar verkligen H&Ms lookbooks för våren 2014. Längtar till början av mars då plaggen släpps i utvalda butiker! _____ I really like the H&M spring 2014 lookbooks. Ix27m longing for the beginning of march when the pieces will be launched in selected stores!
onsdag 22 jan 2014 kl 15:38 | Inspiration | H&M spring 2014 lookbook inspiration

eight under fifty

Sale season is right upon us and I actually think there are plenty of good pieces still available online. Here are 8 picks for under €50 from Net-a-Porter. Real bargains in other words! Happy Shopping. Wrap around sarong skirt - Tara Matthews, J.Crew jean shirt, Leopard print hoodie -Zoe Karssen, Kenneth Jay Lane tassle earrings, Crystal embellished Karl tee- Karl Lagerfeld , Adidas by Stella McCartney discosura sneakers, Sheriff&Cherry s...
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fredag 10 jan 2014 kl 17:11 | Splurge or Save | sale online shop net a porter inspiration in store


Vi såg dokumentären x22Bill Cunningham New yorkx22 häromdagen. Han är en av världens främsta, och troligen även den första streetstylefotografen. Han bor i New York och arbetar för New york times. Dokumentären finns på netflix eller itunes store. Den var verkligen inspirerande och intressant och jag rekommenderar alla modeintresserade att se den. _____ We watched the documentary x22Bill Cunningham New yorkx22 the other day. Hex27s one of the ...
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I am Malala

If youx27re gonna read one book this year- this is it. I got it for Christmas and I havent been able to put it down. What an inspiration, you are Malala.
lördag 4 jan 2014 kl 08:45 | inspiration | literature inspiration books

Hair band

Love this
fredag 3 jan 2014 kl 15:16 | Inspiration | hair inspiration vogue


1. Topshop autumn 2013 campaign 2. Vogue US December 2011 Some mix between the hair in these two pictures is what I want. Really like the color on the left one.

Speaking of phoebe

Speaking of Phoebe..... Love her style. It is so simple but very elegant at the same time.
lördag 21 dec 2013 kl 21:26 | Inspiration | phoebe philo inspiration style celine
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