Labeled leather trousers


Thiis is my new hair! I cut off more than 10 cm I think. The hairdresser was very bad though so the end looks asymmetric. Until last year Ix27ve had the same hairdresser for more than 10 years! But then she quit and now I am reaally havin a bad time finding a new one :( In that new Acne t-shirt btw
lördag 29 dec 2012 kl 22:18 | Me | me hair hat leather trousers


Today Ix27m home doing nothing except sleeping and studying. I fell asleep for three hours around five ox27clock haha.. Party all Friday. School is making me burned out nowadays. Canx27t wait for vacation!!!!!!! Zara fur, Topshop turtleneck, Mango leather trousers, Converse, H&M beanie, Balenciagaa
fredag 14 dec 2012 kl 22:33 | Me | fur me outfit leather trousers


I like this.
torsdag 13 dec 2012 kl 20:17 | Fashion News | me outfit leather trousers black bomber balenciaga


Got my new trousers in leather from Mango nice like this. Ix27ve been waiting since september for the trousers so it feels amazing to finally have them. Gonna wear them a lot! U think theyx27re nice?
lördag 1 dec 2012 kl 22:55 | New in | me outfit leather trousers black white new in


Today I finally got my baggy leather trousers from Mango!!!!! Ix27m in looooove.
onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 23:32 | New in | new in leather leather trousers black