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new neckless H&M trend (found it on sale for less than 4€!) / jeans BLK DNM / tank top Monki / bomber jacket H&M trend / shoes Nilson
tisdag 12 feb 2013 kl 16:28 | Outfits | tuesday outfit style black grey

60/70's haircut: These Days.

x22Ix27ve been out walking I donx27t do too much talking These days, these days. These days I seem to think a lot About the things that I forgot to do And all the times I had the chance to.x22 Ny frisyr :) Lite av en 60-70-talsinspirerad look och bästa låten med Nico (!) ... Jag tycker att Nico var så otroligt cool ENGLISH! New haircut :) A bit of a 60-70s inspired look and the very best song with Nico (!) ... I think that Nico was so incr...
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måndag 11 feb 2013 kl 08:45 | Outfits | portrait face outfit look of the day cape town


NEW jeans H&M / sweater Gina tricot / coat and bag H&M trend / scarf H&M man / shoes Nilson / Belt oxxo Det är inte ofta jag använder samma plagg två dagar i rad, men de här jeansen alltså. För sköna! Idag matchade jag dock med helt andra saker... Nu: Försöka sova en snabbis. Snart: Festförbereda! _____ Itx27s not often that I use the same piece two days in a row. But these jeans, soooo comfy! Today I matched them with totally differen...
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fredag 8 feb 2013 kl 16:14 | Outfits | dagens outfit februari boyfriend jeans

ss13 by me

Shorts by me/Hat Asos/Shoes Beyond Retro/The rest is from frontrowshop Finally done with this pair of shorts that you are watching on the pic. Transparent in white, love them and going to wear them the hole spring and summer! I am soon done with a really nice jacket as well... Will show you later!
onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 23:00 | Other | by me SS13 outfit white

comme des fuckdown

A pic from last week when I was at Story supporting my best girl performing during wimp live sessions- you can see the whole podcast here. Today we have a crazy snowstorm here in Stockholm (just when we thought spring was around the corner!), so I think Ix27ll have to opt for Uggs when meeting the photographer behind the above pic for drinks later this evening. ...
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onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 16:09 | allure/beauty | lifestyle work outfit

Work out look: Video blog - Exercise outfit!

:) Godmorning från mig och Sydafrika! ENGLISH! :) Good morning from me and South Africa! Follow me on Facebook - Twitter - Blog lovinx27 - Lookbook - Shop online at emmaoclothing....
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tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 08:20 | Video blogs | video blogs cape town trips outfit exercise


Godmorgon finisar. SÅ ledsen för dessa kassa bilder. Joakim passade på att knäppa två bilder när jag bytte skor och de var de enda vi hann med. Sedan fick vi skynda in på restaurangen Mat & Destillat där det väntade överraskningsmiddag för Joakims fina mamma som fyllde jämt! Jag knäppte en till nu på morgonen på outfiten också. Hoppas ni kan se! :) Jag hade på mig lack-klackar från Mango, sammetsbyxor från H&M, ett riktigt tight linne med spets...
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söndag 3 feb 2013 kl 09:24 | Outfits | saturday outfit flowers


A little preview of what I was wearing yesterday!!!! More to come!!! :) FOLLOW ME : BLOGLOVIN INSTAGRAM TWITTER
lördag 2 feb 2013 kl 10:56 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS MARGARITA ATHENS OUTFIT

It's never too late: To be who you might have been.

x22Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.x22 - För att bli mitt x27oskyldiga jagx27 igen... Innan jag träffade James hade jag knappt testat... Något dåligt i livet. Jag hade rest och modellat lite överallt i världen men aldrig lagt mina händer på något som var emot min moral. Efter mycket tankar senaste tiden - Börjar jag sakta finna min väg tillbaka, till mig själv. Vad d...
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fredag 1 feb 2013 kl 07:25 | Outfits | portrait face outfit look of the day cape town


Ix27ve gotten to that point where comfort comes first- especially in this weather. Boooring i know, but I threw on my new vintage YSL earrings and felt pretty glam anyway yesterday.
onsdag 30 jan 2013 kl 15:42 | allure/beauty | details earrings jewelry outfit

From heart to heart: DIARY OF LOVE.

Ix27m guessing this is how we work. The human mind, the human heart. Sometimes the pain is too deep - Too deep for us to let ourselves feel. We are so scared where itx27d take us. Thatx27s how it was for me - For a year I havenx27t x27letx27 myself feel the pain. ... Feel the overwhelming and heartbreaking pain of our x27foreverx27 that didnx27t manage to last. What happened? ... When we were actually so close. Now - I wake up every morning,...
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onsdag 30 jan 2013 kl 08:50 | Everyday life abroad | portrait love outfit look of the day james


Dag två avklarad! Självklart ska jag uppdatera er med MASSA bilder, både från visningar och en del streetstyle, ni får det förmodligen i morgon! – Day two – check! Of course I am going t show you a lot of pictures from the shows and some street style photos too. Probably tomorrow, stay tuned!


Me & Sofia
tisdag 29 jan 2013 kl 23:05 | Other | mbfw fw fashion week mbfws white outfit look of the day


Yesterday at mbfw I wore coat from Cos, transparent top from Monki, a vintage shirt, jacket from Promod, transparent shorts that I have made, trousers from Promod, shoes from Ebay, bag DKNY and hat Asos.
tisdag 29 jan 2013 kl 11:23 | Other | mbfw fw fashion week mbfws white outfit look of the day

29/01/2013: + SELF PORTRAIT +

x22We sometimes think we want to disappear but all we really want is to be found.x22 When I offer you survival You say itx27s hard enough to live Donx27t tell me that itx27s over Stand up Poor and tired But more than this. Follow me on Facebook - Twitter - Blog lovinx27 - Lookbook - Shop online at emmaoclothing....
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tisdag 29 jan 2013 kl 08:10 | Outfits | portrait face outfit look of the day cape town


This was exactly one year ago. What do you think guys??
måndag 28 jan 2013 kl 22:06 | Me | me old outfit beanie

You're everywhere, can't tell if you're for real

Shirt: V Ave Shoe Repair, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Sunglasses:
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 20:45 | Outfit | fashion outfit

Time is steady still, I'm losing track, I'm dizzy, so amazing

Ix27m really late with posting these photos, but this is the first time Ix27ve had to edit them! I went to Gothenburg last weekend to attend P3 Guld. And this is how I looked :) Ix27ll post the full outfit soon <3
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 19:39 | Outfit | fashion outfit


Zara sweater, Balenciaga bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Cheap Monday jeans, Roobinx27s shoes After this photo I couldnx27t feel my fingers............................. ;(
måndag 21 jan 2013 kl 12:41 | Me | me outfit balenciaga ray ban ray ban mirror mirror zara


Well yes itx27s freeezzziing. This is what i look like these days... Ix27ve got like five layers under the coat. Tooooo cold to take it off but I managed to get at least one picture without it and the hoodie I wore haha. Coming up tomorrow! Coat from H&M and fluffy snood from Ginatricot!
söndag 20 jan 2013 kl 16:31 | Me | me outfit cold winter green coat buffalos


....we were at a studio today filming and shooting....Actually Dimitris was filming and my friend Joey was shooting...if you want you can check my instagram for some behind the scenes photos! This is what I wore....The blazer and the boots were bought on my sale hunting spree! ZARA - boots and blazer MARC BY MARC JACOBS - jeans H&M - sweater FOLLOW ME : BLOGLOVIN INSTAGRAM TWITTER ...
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fredag 18 jan 2013 kl 23:05 | Other | ATHENS TODAY OUTFIT MARGARITA

piece de resistance

Last night in Bangkok with all my favorites, which Ix27m certain will be an epic one. Got myself some new earrings to complete tonights outfit.
onsdag 16 jan 2013 kl 12:03 | allure/beauty | earrings outfit bangkok travels

Look of the Day

Hat Asos, Earrings Gina Tricot, Turtleneck Weekday, Coat Cheap Monday, Skirt Ebay, Shoes Acne, Bag DKNY
torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 20:30 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 hat


Detaljer från ett par outfits under det gångna året! _____ Details from some outfits last year!...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 08:12 | Outfits | details outfit tastebyme

Look of the Day

New hairy jacket Weekday/Belt Weekday 2hand/Trousers made by me/Bag Decadent/Shoes Dr Martens Do you like this look? :)
tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 19:00 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in


Herex27s some more. Looking like an english little school boy though................ Scarf from TttttsZara
tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 18:31 | Me | me scarf outfit


In my Whyred sweater and first time with that new Acne shirt!
tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 12:38 | Me | me acne whyred outfit


Its snowing here!!!!wooohoooooo....ok donx27t picture it like a snowstorm thing....just a little bit of snow.....but I guess thats enough to make kids happy ;) This one was taken the other day when Honey visited the Mall and I found a lovely red ....RED bag on sale.....I ll show you soon! ;) ZARA - shoes H&M - pants PULL AND BEAR - clutch FOLLOW ME : BLOGLOVIN INSTAGRAM TWITTER ...
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tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 11:37 | Other | HOCUS FOCUS DETAILS OUTFIT MARGARITA ATHENS


Några av mina senaste outfits. Har ni någon favorit? Min är nummer 1. – Some of my latest outfits. Do you have any favorite? Mine is number 1.
måndag 7 jan 2013 kl 10:02 | Other | Outfit any favorite? outfit x6 latest
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