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C'est Vogue

Everything about this photo is perfect! Love the Louis Vuitton pieces. Vogue Paris February 2015.
torsdag 29 jan 2015 kl 22:07 | Inspiration | vogue louis vuitton paris bag shoes pants


Yesterday in my new bootcut pants from H&M!
fredag 8 feb 2013 kl 20:31 | New in | me black white pants bootcut

Acne SS13

fredag 18 jan 2013 kl 13:46 | Inspiration | Flared pants Acne SS13 Fashion Stripes

New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage


What I wore yesterday. These jeans from H&M are my new favorite pants. I was hesitating at first, but when I tried them on again at home it was a done deal. Pure shopping love !
fredag 2 nov 2012 kl 21:10 | OUTFIT | shopping pants H&M


Köpte dessa fina, svarta sammetsbyxor igår. Så otroligt sköna och ett finfint komplement till alla jeans som jag annars använder. Från H&M trend! Dom går att styla på massor av olika sätt men idag blir det med en slapp, randig tisha. Och nej.. Jag kan tyvärr inte ha dessa klackar idag. _____ I bought these black velvet pants yesterday, from H&M trend. Theyx27re incredible comfortable and a nice complement to all my pair of jeans. You can styl...
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tisdag 30 okt 2012 kl 06:38 | New in | new new in velvet pants black


Many of you might not like them....but I really do like those printed pj/pants!!! Those photos were taken a while back.....and now here they are.... P.S They are not pjs! hmf! :) And Isabelle can we change countries for a while? I WANT SNOW AND COLD!!! ZARA pants and boots HM TREND knit
fredag 26 okt 2012 kl 10:29 | Other | PRINTED PANTS AW12 MARGARITA ATHENS BOOTS


More to was love at first sight with those printed pants and boots .....;)


I also ordered these Juicy pants! Soooo comfortable.. Canx27t wear anything other when Ix27m at home.
söndag 21 okt 2012 kl 10:31 | New in | juicy new in pants


One of the outfits I wore this week....The black boots and the printed pants are new from ZARA! My knit is from H&M trend! More photos coming soon :)
fredag 12 okt 2012 kl 15:34 | Other | OUTFIT COLLAGE ATHENS KNIT PRINTED PANTS


Dem nice big pants in Glamour Italia September 2012.
söndag 7 okt 2012 kl 16:56 | Inspiration | glamour italia magazine big pants


Herex27s a summary of the loose pants trend this FALL, which made me FALL. I loooove the biiig paaaaants. haha the collage is so ugly i know, Ix27m not a pro.
måndag 27 aug 2012 kl 22:51 | Inspiration | big pants on runway aw12


Next mission is to find these pants. 1. From Zara. 2. From Cheap Monday.
måndag 27 aug 2012 kl 19:03 | I want | big mega pants zara cheap monday jeans


Herex27s my new sweater I bought the other day at H&M Divided. H&M knit, H&M (Trend) trousers, Mulberry bag, Converse
onsdag 22 aug 2012 kl 16:32 | Me | me black outfit knit pants


I canx27t stress enough how great menx27s shirts look on women. I just collected about 10 shirts that my bf was getting rid of and this one is one of them (the second picture shows the exact colors of it). And this is how I wore it; with my new pants from Dagmar and shoes from Topshop.
tisdag 30 aug 2011 kl 22:24 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit Dagmar pants shoes Topshop men's wear shirt


Here is what I wore for dinner out at lovely restaurant Grill in Stockholm last Saturday. I forgot to post the pictures here after since I was leaving for Italy the day after. These pants are so comfy and I love the cuts. Itx27s like harem pants (which I actually donx27t like) and menx27s suit pants
tisdag 30 aug 2011 kl 21:15 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit Dagmar Stockholm pants


When I had finished work I met Linnea and we ate some good food at ThaiSilk. Then we walked to the nelly outlet and I did some shopping. Pants and a belt from Nelly Trend. As usual we did laugh a lot, me and Linnea.
tisdag 12 jul 2011 kl 20:03 | fashion | shopping nelly trend pants belt


my new mustard pants !
fredag 17 jun 2011 kl 09:49 | EVERYDAY LIFE | colors mustard pants


Like I said before I am studying this sunday. I am happy because it is only 3 weeks until I am finished with year 1 of design! This is what I wear right now :) Shirt from Ginatricot and pants from H&M.
söndag 22 maj 2011 kl 15:30 | today's outfit | Today shirt pants Ginatricot H&M

Drape and strap

Top...ehm thingey DIY(Lanvin, cred to Barbara, ur brilliant, hope itx27s ok?) / Pants H&M / Blazer Second hand / Sweater unknown
måndag 9 maj 2011 kl 11:48 | outfit | white H&M Pants Wiktor

Colours are hot, colour me not(i'm so funny, ain't i?!)

Today: Jacket Second hand/ Sweater Jil Sander/ Shirt Armani(dads)/ Pants H&M The following text donx27t have any intention of being smart. I just havenx27t had my morning coffee, and have no clue what to wear. So yeah... I have a rather complex relationship towards fashion. Or trends. One tries to embark the trends of the season and make it your own. One might not always be me. You see, i sometimes have the nasty habit of falling on love with a...
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tisdag 3 maj 2011 kl 13:12 | outfit | Yellow Jacket Pants Jil Sander Armani

From gold card to yellow cardigan.

Cardigan, Gina Tricot/ Turtle neck, Zara/ Pants, H&M/ Shoes, Dr Martens. I wrote, what i though was, a hilarious post the other day, when binge eating scottish shortbreat in British Airways First Class lounge at Heathrow. Bragging like a new rich Russian laaady. As you might know, or...when i think about it, you prob donx27t(ix27m being quite ironic) Well anyway, as u might or might not know, nothing beats sipping champagne whilst watching x22Ab...
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lördag 30 apr 2011 kl 17:52 | outfit | Yellow Travel Pants Wiktor

By Wiktor H

Leather vest Robert Geller, trousers H&M(photo and styling, moi) It says x22By: Wiktor Hx22 just under the x22add titlex22 when writing a post, so i reckoned, since ix27m the one writing on TheWiktorDiet, that By Wiktor H would be a fitting title for a first post. You know, quite logical donx27t you think? Itx27s proven by some fancy Ivy university upstate that, when reading a blog, in this case one known for itx27s pretty pictures, well itx27...
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tisdag 26 apr 2011 kl 07:57 | other | Wiktor Hansson Robert Geller Model Pants

three from one croco pants

Three versions of the croco pant from Stolen Girlfriends Club S/S 2010/11.
fredag 11 jun 2010 kl 09:13 | two thumbs up! | stolen girlfriends club pants inspiration

new pour

New pants from Pour. Felt kind of weird buying fall/winter pants but hey, theyx27ll wait in the closet for colder days. And how nice arenx27t tailored trousers? Sort of looking forward to fall now. Loving the tweed and the decorative stripe on the outer seams (ix27m stuck on the word in English? In Swedish itx27s revär and it comes from the Latin reverto. Is there a word for it in English?)...
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onsdag 26 maj 2010 kl 19:50 | in store/purchases | pour pants purchases
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