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I have a new favorite perfume. Ivorie from Balmain. Smells fresh of jasmine, orange & manadarin essence, pachuli and vanilla, light and subtle- a great compliment to my other frequent scents.
torsdag 2 maj 2013 kl 18:09 | allure/beauty | perfume beauty balmain scent


A new favorite scent right now is this one from Rituals with notes of lemongrass and neroli. Makes me long for my winter trip to Asia, thats fast approaching. Rituals just opened a shop at Arlanda Terminal 5 (Stockholms Airport) and a new desk at NK. Worth checking out!
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 14:52 | allure/beauty | beauty scent perfume rituals


Ix27ve started using Thierry Muglers Angel again and it makes me so nostalgic! The updated version for 2011, doesnx27t include any floral scents and instead focuses on the underlying scents of red fruits, vanilla, ceder tree, together with key notes such as Bergamott. Last time I wore Angel, the year was 1998, I was 13, lived in Bangkok, had just had my first real boyfriend, and went to my first school prom. In other words a very good year. E...
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söndag 13 nov 2011 kl 10:06 | allure/beauty | perfume thierry mugler scents beauty
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