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At Gina Tricot HQ

Hallå där! Länge sedan jag skrev på svenska nu och har saknat det lite så det är dags igen. Och dagen till ära kan jag också berätta att jag börjat en praktik inom styling på Gina Tricot! Jag tjuvstartade lite i fredags då vi plåtade en kommande kollektion vilket var superkul. Igår var första dagen på kontoret och även då och t.o.m. idag har vi plåtat och plåtat och plåtat. I love it! Kontoret i Borås är så sjukt häftigt både utanför och inuti....
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tisdag 14 apr 2015 kl 22:00 | Other | gina tricot praktik internship borås styling stylist intern

Shape Up!

I donx27t know if Ix27ve mentioned this here before but I figure as fashion & beauty editor for the magazine Shape Up and each issue I have a page where you can ask me annything regarding those two topics, from which shoes to buy for spring to the difference between sythetic and natural hair make up brushes. Anyways the latest issue is in store right now. And speaking of Shaping Up, I got a new gym card earlier this week and have worked out ...
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fredag 14 mar 2014 kl 05:53 | styling jobs/photoshoots | shape up work stylist editor

on the gram

Whilst in Prague (and other hours of the day when Ix27m on the move) keep up with me on Instagram. From styling gigs, to fittings with celebs, studio hours, showroom visits, and dinner dates at home and quiet monday evenings- itx27s all in the contrasts. @isabellehawi
onsdag 6 nov 2013 kl 08:55 | inspiration | instagram lifetsyle stylist work


1. Last nights cold cut dinner - nom nom nom // 2. New week new nails! This time shorter and pastell pink! // 3. Thank you for this season Björn- Ix27ve had a blast- Stay tuned for the final results on a TV near you soon! // 4. Striped pants & lace up heels- work uniform. // 5. A half hour break with the film team in the park- sun sun sun! // 6. Downside of freelancing? - All this damned paperwork, especially on a saturday night! // 7. Casual Sa...
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fredag 12 jul 2013 kl 08:15 | lifestyle | instagram lifetsyle stylist work

le office

Im so greatful that I have an office/studio right in the smack center of town where i can store all my clothes, shoes, accessoaries and more. I dont know what Ix27d done if I didnx27t have this space. After almost 4 years of freelancing as a stylist I can say Ix27ve built up quite a closet/storage. Next plan is to build clothing hangers down from the roof so I can hang each item nicely and orderly. Organization is key! Now back to work- yes ...
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fredag 24 maj 2013 kl 22:01 | allure/beauty | work styling office studio stylist


Hope you all had a good weekend! I had my first day off in over two weeks this saturday, so the blog took a little hiatus. Right now I have a lot going on, which means I wake up at about 6am and work until about 10pm- not many minutes left over in the day. But itx27s all fun of course all though Ix27m starting to feel my stress level building. Im working on a challenging TV project, the webshop and photoshoots inbetween that every day I have f...
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måndag 20 maj 2013 kl 20:12 | lifestyle | work styling press stylist


I woke up at 3am, fully rested and ready for a new week. Resulted in a morning job at 5:30, going through my inbox by 5am, and a long breakfast infront of the news. Unfortunately the sun has been unwilling to shine so for this morning, but I do still feel today may be the day to premier my leo loa
måndag 15 apr 2013 kl 08:01 | allure/beauty | spring lifestyle stylist celine


This week, ooof! Itx27s be hectic but fun, and unfortunantely a little unkind. Luck hasnx27t really been on my side. But Ix27m looking forward and hoping 2012 will not repeat itself. Early tomorrow morning Ix27m of to Berlin for work. Havenx27t been to Berlin for over 10 years, so looking forward to it, even though ix27ll only be in the city for 36 hours. Alot of walking so comfy shoes is a must! Now - packing. See you in Berlin! P.S. Got...
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fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 19:32 | allure/beauty | Travels work styling Berlin Stylist


Zig-Zag stripes- my best market find from Hong Kong / Homemade Shabu-shabu! Nom nom! / Kickass Chanel sneakers- yes please! / Missing my other home- the views donx27t get better than this! / Confidence boost! / Laughs and baby fun with this little acrobat & her parents ofcourse / These wedges are ba
onsdag 13 mar 2013 kl 21:38 | allure/beauty | instagram lifetsyle stylist work


ÄNTLIGEN är detta fantastiska jobb uppe som jag varit med och stylat! Just nu uppe på Schön! – Finally is this fantastic hard work official! I been doing the styling together with Pamela Bellafesta. You can see it at Schön!


Devotes Fashion Corner har gjort en liten intervju med mig, kul kul! – Devotex27s Fashion Corner has done a little interview with me!
söndag 10 feb 2013 kl 20:16 | Other | interview fashion corner stylistassistent

shop in shop

Friday today, and we are opening up our pop up store at 3pm this afternoon! Yesterday I was there all day hanging up everything and organizing. Gosh having a store is so much fun! So if you are in Stockholm please drop by- we are open for a month starting today! Above are some sneak peeks from the shop! Tjallamalla- Bondgatan 46...
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fredag 8 feb 2013 kl 09:41 | allure/beauty | store helene falk stylistgarderoben stylist


// Vogue China, January 2013 // Dra mig baklänges vilken snygg styling! Alaister McKimm, han kan. Det här är en look jag skulle kunna kopiera rakt av. Lager på lager, kappa på jacka, byxorna, färgskalan och skorna! Ah... och mina cravings på ett par leopardmönstrade dojjor dom bara växer och växer. Snyggt, snyggt, snyggt. This is a picture that will go straight into my inspiration folder. I think this styling by Alaister McKimmx27s is just ama...
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Two favorites from latest x27Stylebyx27 Magazine. Ph: Oliver Stalmans, Stylist: Columbine Smille (great work!) Makeup: Sophia Erichsen, Hair: Sherin, Model: Sophie Hulme Btw! Happy new year babes!! Hopefully you had a fab new years eve, and that year 13 has been kind and good to you so far! M

finally ready for life

I fredags tog min praktikperiod hos Pamela Bellafesta slut. Jag har haft världens bästa och lärorika veckor. Det känns som jag fick en knuff i rumpan av livet och kan knappt bärga mig inför studenten då jag verkligen kan få göra det jag älskar. – Yesterday was the last day of my internship with Pamela Bellafesta. I had the best weeks and I have learned a lot. I am feeling pushed and exciting for my graduate when I can work with the things I love....
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lördag 1 dec 2012 kl 20:39 | Other | work dream internship stylist


Last night we had the last lesson for this term of the Stylistcourse. A more chilled lesson, with food, bubbly (Thank you Freixenet!) mingle, laughs and last reflections of the past 12 weeks. Thank you to all my amazing students (now up and coming stylists and colleague!) and thanks for all the gifts! P.S. Todays very confusing news- Alexander Wang at Balenciaga?! Really? ...
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today's insta

Förra veckan började jag min praktik hos Pamela Bellafesta, dock jobbade jag hemifrån så idag var första gången jag fick hänga på det underbara kontoret. Slängde på mig ett par Nike Air Max då returer stod på schemat. Har mycket att göra these days så tyvärr har det inte blivit så mycket update, men
måndag 12 nov 2012 kl 17:50 | Other | praktik stylist office internship instagram nike air max


I canx27t belive we are almost nearing the end of this term of the stylist course, with only 4 weeks left to go. Itx27s been so much fun to teach, watch these up and coming stylist grow, and focus on teaching out the practical issues of styling. I honestly think that you have to have that litte extra, that sense of style, trends, social manners and etiquette, the rest, how to tie a bowtie or how to manage press loans is something you can learn ...
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week 44

This weekend has felt so weird, first time in 9 weeks that I didnx27t head to the studio staurday morning. But Ix27ve compensated with brunch, hangin with friends, saudi dinner party, wine & cheese and palying boule. And of course I got up yesterday and headed to the studio instead. So today feels more like a tuesday rather than monday. This week is going to be crazy, wex27re taping two shows a day, so when the weekend rolls around Ix27m pret...
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måndag 29 okt 2012 kl 09:08 | allure/beauty | work lifestyle stylist


This week is by far the most hectic this year for me. With the final week (Ix27ll be in the studio non stop starting tomorrow morning until monday, may as well bring my pillow and blanket there) of the TV production Ix27ve been working on the past 8 weeks, a new production starting next week and school on top of that. Ix27ve really got to time manage every minute of the next coming 10 days, and after that I will be stuck in a studio for 18 hour...
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tisdag 16 okt 2012 kl 21:30 | allure/beauty | work styling stylist about me


Got these cute flats from my boss the other day, just because, on a regular Tuesday! Thank you, thank you, canx27t wait to bring them on upcoming trips this winter! Canx27t believe itx27s Thursday already- the weeks are just flying by, but Thursdayx27s are my favorite now days. since it means anot
torsdag 27 sep 2012 kl 11:18 | allure/beauty | new in zara gift stylist course helene falk


At the Stylist course this evening we have a fashion professor & researcher coming in to talk about fashion campaigns & adverts- what lies behind the choice of location, model, atmosphere, - the piece of clothing in focus etc. Ix27m really looking forward to that. There is so much that lies behind the campaign picture a fashion house chooses to showcase their whole collection with. Ix27m quite curious of YSLx27s new campaign for their name cha...
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first day of school

Gosh, Ix27ve slept like a child on christmas eve, you know the excitement? So tonight is the first lesson of the stylist course, and its gonna be so great to meet everyone for the first time!


Inbetween polishing up my knowledge around interior styles and decor, Ix27m polishing up my nails with this caribbean shade in Sea Siren. I have alot on my plate right now, with the school, two TV-productions and studying for my drivers license, hence Ix27m mostly chilling in sweats and oversized t
torsdag 23 aug 2012 kl 11:45 | allure/beauty | work styling stylist course helene falk

3 course

Some pics from Fridayx27s 3 course home cooked dinner with my favorite colleagues. Amazing food! Thanks girls! Now Ix27m off for driving lesson two - yikes! Btw- canx27t believe I missed the Spice Girls olympic closing show last night, gonna have to come home and youtube it later. FYI, used to be
måndag 13 aug 2012 kl 09:30 | allure/beauty | lifestyle party stylist dinner

breaking news!

Ok so finally I can share with you my latest project and what Ix27ll be doing this fall. I have signed on to teach at Helene Falkx27s Stylist course. As many of you know this is a course that I, myself attended three years ago and it is something I have been involved with in some way or another every semester since my graduation. I am so excited to have been given the oppertunity to teach the classes in everything regarding styling, from probl...
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Today I have about a thousand practical things to attend to. You know how it is, you put it off, since everyone else is on vacation, offices are closed, the weatherx27s been nice, youx27d rather lie in the grass etc. This fall Ix27m working on two TV productions- one which starts in just 3 weeks. Besides that I have another project that I am super mega excited about, but canx27t speak of just yet. And tomorrow Ix27m finally starting to take ...
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tisdag 7 aug 2012 kl 10:13 | allure/beauty | work styling stylist project


Hola Bonitas! Ix27ve spent the day with Caroline & Daniel whom are finally back from Australia, we had a lot of catching up to do. So good to have them back! Tomorrow Ix27m styling a photoshoot all day, so Ix27ve been around showrooms pulling some clothes as well. Ix27ll be spending the day in the studio the whole of tomorrow styling singer Linda Sundblad, which will be crazy fun, so now I have some more preping to do and organizing all the d...
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måndag 26 mar 2012 kl 18:48 | allure/beauty | work styling linda sundblad stylist


I was so organized and grown up yesterday! Took care of the most boring things, like organizing all my receipts for 2011 (time for taxes soon!), can you image how long that took, all of 2011?! Downside of freelancing, is taking care of all the paperwork! Other than that I had a core class, and fixed some other paperwork, as Ix27m finally planning on doing something that I honestly wish Ix27d taken care of years ago, but hey they say itx27s neve...
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onsdag 14 mar 2012 kl 08:16 | best of budget | work stylist coming soon H&M showroom

stylist 101

I get so many e-mails from you guys asking everything and anything when it comes to working as a stylist, and mostly how to branch out into the fashion business. I try to answer you all, but i felt that a post regarding this may be convenient. Firstly I want to make a point of how extremely hard work it is, I think many may get the wrong idea and with the whole x27fashionx27 blogger phenomenon still booming, regard these two things as being the...
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lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 18:31 | styling jobs/photoshoots | work styling stylist freelance
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