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Igår var jag på middag med vänner och lyckades äntligen få på mig mig nya sjal från Emmaus, den e såå fin. Efter gick vi till Liebling för drinkar men tog det rätt lugnt och gick hem och åt våfflor vid två.. Hoppas ni hade en fin Valborg, skinnjackan är från H&M Trend btw! Yesterday in my new vintage scarf & leather jacker from H&M Trend. I went for a nice dinner with some friends and later we went out for drinks. Hope you guys are having a nice...
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fredag 1 maj 2015 kl 12:00 | Other | me vintage scarf leather jacket H&M trend

3 new scarves

I min jakt på Levix27s-jeansen fann jag även tre billiga vintagescarvesar på Myrornas och Emmaus som ni ser ovan. Jag har länge velat köpa en scarf men aldrig riktigt vetat vart jag ska gå (Prada var aldrig något alternativ..). Gillar de jag fick med mig men inte riktigt säker på om jag kommer ha på mig dem utanför min lägenhet. Jag menar t.ex. Gucci sommarvisning satte ribban ganska högt för hur man ska bära upp sin scarf i vår. Och först ska ...
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söndag 19 apr 2015 kl 22:00 | New in | scarf trend fashion 2015 gucci vintage


Vintage denim chanel bag- could almost kill for this one or atleast eat cup-a-noodles for a couple of months. Unfortunately sold out, but keep your radar on VintageParis for the best vintage chanel finds.
fredag 29 nov 2013 kl 21:44 | designer favorites | chanel inspiration denim vintage

Vogue africa 1951

måndag 24 jun 2013 kl 17:25 | Inspiration | africa vogue old vintage editorial


Upon request- more pics from Berlin. As you can see it was extremely cold, and dinner at Grill Royale (where George Clooney just happened to be the same night) was amazing, and they served the biggest sallads! ...
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Yesterday, we visited the Sunday Fleamarket in Berlin that so many of you had suggested, and told me not to miss. We were there first off to shoot pictures for the Olympus Workshop. However me and Caroline found way too many amazing things to buy and didnx27t end up snapping a single shot, terrible I know! We were to be honest a little ashamed when after 2 hours we met up with the rest of the team and all we had to show for our x27creativityx2...
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måndag 25 mar 2013 kl 20:04 | allure/beauty | work olympus berlin travels vintage fleamarket

New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage


Love, love, love this velvet dress i got secondhand the other day. Planning to dress Marika in it for Så Ska Det Låta and then possibly myself for new years eve.
söndag 4 nov 2012 kl 09:37 | allure/beauty | new in dress så ska det låta vintage

Look of the Day

Coat & Skirt Beyond Retro/Sweater & Shoes Acne
onsdag 24 okt 2012 kl 21:00 | Other | acne look of the day outfit vintage humlegården autumn

Outfit autumn feelings

Coat Carin Wester/Shirt Vintage/Skirt Armani/Shoes Acne/Bag Decadent Idag råkade jag gå in på Acne Archive och ut kom jag med en stor kasse och några tusenlappar fattigare. Men jag behövde lite höstshopping. Jag jobbar just nu på en basgarderob för att sedan kunna köpa trend-och säsongsbaserade pla
tisdag 16 okt 2012 kl 23:05 | Other | look of the day outfit carin wester armani acne vintage autumn


Ix27m adding new stuff to the sale blog frequently. I need to empty my whole studio/office, so things gotta go as soon as possible as I donx27t have the storage for all of my stylist wardrobe. Youx27ll find everything here.
fredag 15 jun 2012 kl 13:18 | allure/beauty | sale blog in my closet vintage bloppis

closet clean out

Hola chicas! Ix27m in the process off updating my sale blog. New wardrobe means a lot of stuff has to go. Martin Margiela heels, Marc Jacobs tees, blazers, vintage YSL, and much more. I have a whole pile of stuff to photograph. If there is anything from my closet that youx27re intrested in but canx27t find on the sale blog, drop me an e-mail and wex27ll see if Ix27m willing to sell, you see sometimes I forget what I have. Click, Click!...
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onsdag 13 jun 2012 kl 13:19 | allure/beauty | sale blog in my closet vintage bloppis


Levix27s cut offs // Vintage statement necklace // H&M cuff // Embellished & Cherry print heels// Silk Cami
tisdag 22 maj 2012 kl 10:35 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


Prada plexi heels - finally the season is here for well pedicured toenails // Dry lip relief - Kiehls // Time for bare legs - vintage pleated skirt // Travel Inspiration for the summer // Vintage parrot earrings // Dermalogica ultra calming relief masque - getting my skin ready for summer rays!
lördag 19 maj 2012 kl 14:09 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


Some golden favorites from my wardrobe. Gold knit top from Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche, YSL shocking mascara, Steve Madden leo loafers, vintage coin & pendant bracelet, Elephant brooch, H&M AW12 notebook and mother of pearl mini case for treasured jewelry.
onsdag 16 maj 2012 kl 08:15 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


Wish I had this yellow 2.55 Chanel hanging in my closet today.
fredag 30 mar 2012 kl 11:05 | allure/beauty | inspiration wanted chanel vintage


I think I was a gipsy or a hippie in my past life. Or at least Australian and living in Surry Hills among all the vintage stores down Crown Street. This sounds odd to people who see me on a daily basis, the way I dress etc, but in my head itx27s super clear; these pics represent me, Saba by heart. If I stop being logical, and if I stop being practical and just go by the way I feel - this is exactly how Ix27d like to look. Redo my sidecut shave, g...
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lördag 17 mar 2012 kl 19:15 | OKWOW | tatto boho vintage


For last nightx27s dinner, I wore this. Itx27s almost Zara top to toe, except for the handbag which is vintage from Paris. In love with my new shoes with the spike heel.
lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 13:25 | OUTFIT | Dubai outfit Zara vintage

On a second thought

Wassup peeps ! How you guys doin ? Ix27m being swamped by work and getting all stressed about Christmas because I just realized that itx27s next week. Time to take a chill pill (not literally of course haha) and enjoy the holidays and all the fun that my job brings. Whoosaa.. Looked back at some old outfit pics (love doing that) and I came across this outfit from my last trip to New York. I remember feeling ugly wearing this (you know how we gi...
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tisdag 13 dec 2011 kl 03:00 | OUTFIT | Outfit New York leopard vintage summer

new vintage buddie

Nytt i garderoben !! New in !!
lördag 29 okt 2011 kl 17:54 | IN MY CLOSET | shopping vintage Paris bag


Kolla in den här väggen från en vintagebutik jag fyndade i. Helt sjukt snygg med massa väskor upptryckta bekom en glasvägg sådär. Ps. efter min Parisresa kommer jag lägga upp inlägg med ett par av mina shoppingtips härifrån. Check this wall out from a vintage store where I did some shopping. Drop dead gorgeous with tons of handbags behind a glass wall like that. Ps. after my Paris trip Ix27ll be telling you more about some of my shopping tips ...
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lördag 29 okt 2011 kl 14:33 | TRAVEL | shopping vintage Paris


Jeans on jeans, and vintage art deco belt that I got a flea market.
onsdag 19 okt 2011 kl 17:30 | outfits/looks | outfit details inspiration vintage

new in elephants

Imagine the smile on my face when i found this elephant necklace at the vintage store Antikt, Gammalt och Nytt yesterday! Oh and it has matching earrings!
lördag 1 okt 2011 kl 15:46 | vintage finds | new in vintage elephants


This goddamn jetlag! Woke up way too late (10:36), so Ix27ve spent the past 2 hours fixing everything i was meant to do from 8 this morning. Chasing clothes, booking fittings and all that comes with freelancing. What i really should be doing is organizing all my receipts and paperwork - but i think i need about another litre of coffee for that. Anyways wanted to show you guys this AMAZING sweater/hoodie/munk-like sweater that i got at Beaconx...
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tisdag 20 sep 2011 kl 12:30 | vintage finds | new in purchases beacons closet vintage

fairfax flea market

Went to the Fairfax flee market today. Lots of crazy things, and fantastic antique furniture. Too bad itx27s such a hassle to bring back!! Got a really cool 1940x27s belt, and yup thatx27s about it. I donx27t know whatx27s with me, seemed to have lost my touch for thrifting! But I made up for it
söndag 11 sep 2011 kl 23:19 | around the world/travels | LA travels flea market vintage

that 70's dress

I SO WISH I would have brought this vintage dress of mine out to the archipelago. Would have been perfect for tonightx27s party! Ix27ve had some of my best nights wearing this one. Darn.
lördag 6 aug 2011 kl 17:30 | in my closet | inspiration in my closet dress vintage

cravings N.D.C. Monet Suede Ankle Boots

Dagens x22vill hax22 är dessa bruna boots i mocka från N.D.C.. Helt perfekt modell med lagom klack och slitning. Today I want this great brown suede boots by N.D.C.. Perfect model with a worn-effect and low-heel.
fredag 22 jul 2011 kl 21:58 | Mode | Boots N.D.C. Net-a-Porter Monet suede ankle boots Vintage

second hand

On my second hand round today, I found this gorgeous leather jacket á la Balenciaga. It was however about 2 sizes too big, so i left i hanging. Felt like too much of a project to fix and alter it. Should i be regretting this?!
fredag 22 jul 2011 kl 17:14 | vintage finds | secondhand vintage leather jacket


My assistant Ellen was wearing this amazing metallic vest yesterday from Mike & Chris that she thrifted in L.A. Ix27m so hyped for all the vintage shopping Ix27m gonna do when I go to L.A in September.
onsdag 20 jul 2011 kl 13:37 | inspiration | inspiration vest los angeles vintage

always on my fingers

These are the rings that i wear daily. Double gold ring from Cartier, the rest are vintage from around the world.
söndag 17 jul 2011 kl 09:46 | in my closet | rings jewelry vintage cartier
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