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This is what most days look like for me right now. Styling new deliveries and looks for the webshop. Check out all the new arrivals here. Major drooooooool.
tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 23:02 | allure/beauty | work styling nathalie schuterman shop webshop


I must admit Ix27m actually starting to like this snow and winter wonderland we have here in Sweden right now. Yesterday I was out in the neighborhood where I grew up before moving to Thailand, and it was absolutley stunning with all the snow. So in the mood for white and fluffy, todays pick is this wool cardigan from Givenchy, from my new favorite site (canx27t stop screening it!), vestiaire collective, check it out! ...
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sale blog I have created a sale blog with clothes and shoes that I no longer have room for. I will update it regularly with new stuff so there are more to come. Check it out! ...
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fredag 30 mar 2012 kl 16:00 | Clothes | for sale sale blog clothes webshop


Snaps from today - have been shooting a catalogue again. Right now Ix27m on the train on my way home trying not to fall asleep. I am so tired. It has been a long day for me even though itx27s not that late yet. Went up 5 ox27clock in the morning, took the train to Herrljunga outside Gothenburg, shot almost 60 outfits and now Ix27m on my way back again. Canx27t stop thinking about my bed, haha... By the way, so funny that you guys liked the stuff...
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torsdag 29 mar 2012 kl 16:07 | Model | shoot model bts webshop for sale clothes

for sale

1. Orange angora knit sweater from H&M in size M (never been used), 200 SEK 2. Denim dress in size S, 150 SEK 3. x22Gracex22 suede pump from Acne in size 40, 400 SEK 4. Red T-shirt from Acne in size S, 100 SEK Email me at if you are interested.
tisdag 27 mar 2012 kl 09:00 | Clothes | clothes for sale webshop


It was a little too hard to get the webshop work so we decided to outsource garments on instead. Click click click here!
torsdag 12 jan 2012 kl 12:34 | Clothes | clothes webshop


Me and my friend Matilda are going to open a webshop with old and new designer clothes we no longer have room for. Ix27ll give you the address soon...Keep your eyes open! For example you can find this pretty coat from Ida Sjöstedt ss08 in sizes small. If you like to place a bid now - contact me on
torsdag 5 jan 2012 kl 19:57 | Clothes | clothes webshop

New @ Nastygal

Klickar runt lite inne hos Nastygal (är ju ganska uttråkad efter en veckas sjukstuga). Den virkade långklänningen och den grå luvklänningen kan gärna flytta in i min garderob i sommar! Checking out some new stuff @ Nastygal (and Ix27m kind of restless after being sick for almost one week). The long crochet dress and the hooded gray cotton dress can please move in to my closet now....
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fredag 27 maj 2011 kl 21:57 | Inspiration | Nastygal Webshop


Ix27ve been fascinated by Korean design for a few years now. I adore Doo.Ri and Yeojin Bae. Anyhow, i came across this website the other day, with budget korean design, lots of real nice pieces. I especially love the flourescent green knit and the cerise cut out blouse. Check out Stylenanda! ...
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Jag vill typ köpa upp hela Nastygals webshop, jesus vad mycket fint! I kind of want to buy everything of this @ Nastygal.
onsdag 23 feb 2011 kl 21:19 | Inspiration | Nastygal. Webshop

New in @ Nastygal

Har inte checkat Nastygals webshop under tiden jag befunnit mig i NYC och nu upptäkte jag att de fått in massa nya fina plagg i webshopen. Tjugosju timmar utan sömn sätter sina spår, nu ska jag försöka vända dygnet rätt. Ska snickra ihop en liten New York guide när jag laddat batterierna igen! I just checked out Nastygal site and found so many nice new items, here are some of my favorites....
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lördag 11 dec 2010 kl 19:41 | Inspiration | Nastygal Lookbook Webshop


Dagens inspiration får Nastygal stå för. Todayx27s inspiration is spelled Nastygal.
fredag 26 nov 2010 kl 11:16 | Inspiration | Inspiration Nastygal Webshop

shopping style by marina

Ix27ve found a new online store, or at least new to me and there are quite a few gems. Here are three of my favorites. Check out Style by Marina here!
söndag 10 okt 2010 kl 18:33 | two thumbs up! | style by marina clothes webshop online shopping


Allsaints webshop har så mycket fina grejjer, kan surfa runt där i timmar! Bäst är de på accessoarer (skor, glasögon, väskor) samt skinnjackor. Härlig inspiration för garderoben! Allsaints webshop is kind of amazing. I can get stuck there for hours. I like the accessorize and the leather jacket the most. Perfect inspiration for my closet! ...
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onsdag 18 mar 2009 kl 12:55 | Inspiration | allsaints webshop
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