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My mom is so much more than just a mother to me. She is my best friend and we always have such a great time together... Thatx27s why I think itx27s important to spoil her away, EVERY Christmas. And the best thing, itx27s not hard to find gifts for your mother. Here are few tips: 1. Easy as pie. Lipstick for your mom. This beautiful creamy, red colored lipstick from Liberty. £22 2. When I was younger I never understood the fun with getting scen...
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fredag 7 dec 2012 kl 23:39 | Inspiration | Christmas inspiration what to give


I think itx27s pretty obvious that I live with a musician? haha. Itx27s always been quite easy for me to find gifts for my boyfriend... Thank God. But for all of you out there whox27s struggling with finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend - here you go! 6 gifts for your boyfriend (everything from Urban Outfitters) My best advice for all you girlfriend out there is: Donx27t think too much, if you think he likes it hex27s probably gonna LOVE i...
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