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Went to London for three days this week to attend my brotherx27s master graduation ceremony! He studied MSc in energy, trance and finance at Cass so we joined the celebration in Barbican and went off for dinner at Boundary rooftop restaurant. During our days in London we ate at The Princess of Shoreditch, The Jugged Hare and Albion. We also went for nice cocktails at hidden speakeasies and walked around, Hampsted Heath, Oxford Circus and Shored...
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fredag 30 jan 2015 kl 18:08 | Other | london shoreditch brother yay food restaurant black white

The Row trench

I love this The Row x22Lana trenchx22 from Resort x2715. An oversized model with wide arm model in the perfect off white shantung fabric would be great for this upcoming spring. . . Found on Nap.
fredag 23 jan 2015 kl 13:46 | I want | the row trench lana white ss15


Last weekend when the super awesome Amanda and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Too bad this weekend offered sucky weather but Ix27ve been to Guggenheim, Rudd and Daughters, Uniqlo, Laduree, Pepe Rosso Social, Waverly Inn and Century 21 so I am happy. And now I am off to Sunday Dinner at Café Select and after I will make a stop at Whole Foodx27s - heavenx27s grocery market which I will to the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a good weekend as...
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måndag 3 nov 2014 kl 00:42 | Other | new york brooklyn brooklyn bridge black white manhattan

By Bruce Weber

GIANNI VERSACE - A Family Album photographed by Bruce Weber 1996/x2797 Take a look at every detail. Itx27s so perfect. source

white dress

New white dress from Zara!
lördag 21 jun 2014 kl 18:22 | New in | Me dress white zara new in outfit ann Demeulemeester

white tee

Bougt in NYC at Uniqlo
onsdag 21 maj 2014 kl 13:30 | Other | t-shirt white outfit uniqlo


Love this dress. Thinking of buying it for the summer.
onsdag 26 feb 2014 kl 01:51 | I want | dress zara i want PIQUÉ inspiration white




Freezing to death in Sweden at the moment, therefor I wore my brothers lambs wool Ralph Lauren sweater, H&M hoodie and my BLK DNM leather jacket.. New shoes on as well!!
tisdag 21 jan 2014 kl 17:53 | Me | me blk dnm black white jeffrey campbell ralph lauren beanie skirt


onsdag 8 jan 2014 kl 13:28 | Inspiration | inspiration black white editorial

Calvin klein 98

Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 1998 - Audrey Marnay & Carolyn Murphy
söndag 15 dec 2013 kl 16:27 | Inspiration | calkvin klein campaign black white


Yet again an editorial with Christy from the last century. And yet again I waaaant there clothes! Perfect styling. Model: Christy Turlington Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

IT's october third

A better picture from yesterday!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 20:05 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

fluffy white

Should wear this jacket more often because it is really nice, but it is just so white and fluffy... From Zara!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 17:09 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit


I drew this one yesterday. My face is a real photo I photo shoped in though. Let me know if you find this interesting and would like me to post pictures of more drawings here. Otherwise youx27ll probably see some on my instagram!
söndag 22 sep 2013 kl 14:33 | Me | me drawing black white art

september 20

Went for shopping yesterday. Nothing was nice though, unfortunately. But I did find a pair of trousers Ix27ll show you later! Having huge problems with trousers because they are always too short for my legs :( In Zara sweater, H&M dress, Vans, Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag!
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 12:39 | Me | me outfit zara vans balenciaga black white


Spending my days with this view. I know I said I woulnx27t go out in long but 2night: ¡VAMOS!
lördag 14 sep 2013 kl 23:00 | Other | Ktb library black white


In school Ix27m taking lessons in photography and today we shot analog portraits! This is apparently what I look like behind the camera...
onsdag 4 sep 2013 kl 19:30 | Me | Me black white camera vans

White again

I went to a party where heels were mandatory sooo I put these Topshop wedges. I really never wear heels, I used to love heels some years ago though... AND I wore white for the second time this week ahah. New Topshop shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Topshop velvet wedges and Zara bag.
tisdag 27 aug 2013 kl 19:23 | Me | heels wedges outfit white


I wore Vans, cap from Hattbaren, Topshop top, H&M Trend leather shorts and Balenciaga bag
onsdag 17 jul 2013 kl 10:35 | Me | me mössa balenciaga vans black white london

Next stop -->> ?

I thank Spain and ALex for an amazing week! Well bitches, now Ix27m off to Stooockhoooooooooolm!!!!!!!!!! See u there. Xx
söndag 7 jul 2013 kl 15:33 | Other | spain stockholm airplane flight black white

IM outta here

YES! Now Ix27mat the airport waiting for my flight to Marbella, Spain! When at recent mentioned location imma meet my friend AlzBitch for the best week evur. Happy summer!
söndag 30 jun 2013 kl 06:25 | Other | summer airplane flight sas black white


Barbara Fiahlo for The Wild Magazine. I want the shorts and the socks in the first picture!
onsdag 29 maj 2013 kl 15:59 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial black white


söndag 26 maj 2013 kl 19:53 | Inspiration | inspiration mix black white


Love these two stylings on Daphne Groeneveld for Twin Magazine
tisdag 21 maj 2013 kl 13:40 | Inspiration | editorial daphne black white


Uuuuuuuhhh yeeeeeaaaaaaah. Ix27ve bought a pair of BLK DNM jeans! Jeans 22. The best jeans ever! I will never take them off........ I bought them in grey. Also bought blk water (nothing to do with BLK DNM) and it tastes like... water? Super happy about the jeans anyway.
tisdag 7 maj 2013 kl 11:35 | New in | BLK DNM jeans 22 blk water black white BLK DNM jeans


I really want something white right now. This jacket would be perfect if it was a bit bigger. I only found one in size 40 and that wasnx27t big enough. You think I should go for it if I find a bigger size? From H&M Trend.
onsdag 24 apr 2013 kl 18:41 | I want | me jacket i want white


New hat from Hattbaren in Stockholm. [CLICK ON Svenska! TO READ IN SWEDISH]
söndag 21 apr 2013 kl 22:24 | Fashion News | new in hat me black white


Rayban sunglasses, big black emo thing from Monki, H&M rings, H&M Trend leather jacket.
måndag 8 apr 2013 kl 15:14 | Me | me outfit black black white
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